January 31, 2006

The actions of Daniel Shakhmundes

This young fellow has done me a favour.

You may have noticed that for a very long time my blog has remained dormant. And not "oh we all live at the foot of a volcano" dormant that the villiage people are happy about…it's the other kind. To the point! Daniel Shakhmundes (kudos for the very cool surname) recently added a comment on my "further comment" listing.

He tells a tail of how he was googling the short form of his last name and fell upon my beard articles and this site. He has now been encouraged to begin blogging about beards and link back to my site.

I've decided that I will blog again! and now I've started with this entry to leave it empty in the future would make me look very silly indeed so I better get the ranting done on a regular basis.

Until I grow facial hair! or find a dissapointing cereal box toy goodbye.

p.s. thanks Daniel Shakhmundes

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  1. Just thought I'd add this comment to make the article a bit clearer.

    I searched Shak on Google and your blog was on the first page of results. I was just curious to see what results there might be for a short-form of my last name. Wow, you even have a posting and links about beards; for the last couple years I am having fun growing a beard for the winter.

    Anyhow, you should do as your friend Kunal asks: Keep posting!
    Drop me a line – remind to post about my own beard, and link back to your blog!

    31 Jan 2006, 08:55

  2. Yes finally!!! The monster awakes from his sleep!!

    31 Jan 2006, 10:34

  3. Colin P

    Shaks Back!

    01 Feb 2006, 20:26

  4. Shak!

    Hidden in the depths of t'internet land lays Shak's blog, a dark, strange place…and though I live next to the great man and frequently venture to his (concrete) dwelling, this is my first trip to his online domain. And what a nice place this is…I am familiar with the tale of the man who googled his sirname and came out with our little Shakky, but all the same nice to read it.

    So, what now? Will we all be inspired and google the first parts of our sirnames? Hummmmm, I suspect in my case not, being as it would be "per", I don't relish thousands of hits for "perverts" or such.

    So, googling your sirname, good fun, with potentially hilarious consequences or a little bit sad…......the latter i'd say, unless you have a REALLY cool sirname.

    (oh, if you were wondering why googling the 1st few letters of my name gets hits for perverts it's 'coz my sirname is Perks….yea yea, laugh away)

    love u Shak!

    03 Feb 2006, 16:51

  5. Daniel Shakhmundes

    Hello again!
    I saw some hits from this site, searched my last name, and BAM, there's your blog again!
    I still haven't posted my bearded photoshoot, but I did register a new domain name: shak.be
    It's pretty hard to find a good "shak" domain nowadays!

    14 Feb 2006, 07:01

  6. I know what you mean I used to search for shak back in the old days and google myself…..ermm…..i think you know what i mean.

    Anyway I hope you're not trying to know my name of the first 5 hits for Shak.

    P.s. thanks for contacting me about the surname you started me blogging again, muchas gracias. Let me know when your beard blog is up I'm sure plenty of the warwick uni bloggers would love to read about it, myself included.

    14 Feb 2006, 11:32

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