April 26, 2005

over active…what with all the squash

A few friends of mine have been partaking in the seemingly grown up game of squash, and I, with my usual lathargy rebelled against it and denied it was any good at all and that they were making a fuss over nothing. Well I've done it. I've jumped on the squash playing band wagon. And I have to say its good.

At first I thought it would be easy just smack a little black ball over a line and hit is anywhere on a wall how could it go wrong. I even toyed with the idea of giving some blood before playing squash and then going to a tae kwon do class in the evening.

I am glad I aborted this insanity early on. The squash was knackering even though I played it for a shamefully short period of time. Its a fun game with running and hitting and serving and running and slamming your body into the wall and running and drinking lucozade to make yourself feel cool and like your a sporty type….oh and if you're lucky a little running may be involved.

Oh no! My day isn't over yet…my jet set high profile gogogogo life doesn't stop there I then went on a magical journey to cryfield for a nice easy welcome back from easter session of TaeKwonDo…..this was not the case. As I am now in the next level of the class my relaxing hour of training is a 2 hour session of Tae Kwon Do madness. I am tired beyond words.

Think I'll still be going back next week…...

well thats my little rant about actually going out into the world and exercising a bit. I recommend it to people great and small.

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  1. Hello!!
    Nice to know you're enjoying the squashy goodness :)

    Come to Skool Dayz tonight!

    30 Apr 2005, 13:32

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