May 05, 2005

Kellogg’s Cornflake Lightsaber Related Disappointment

I was standing in Sainsbury yesterday when I stared down at the next item on my list. It read “cereal”.

I decided to continue as if unperturbed by the fact that I was going to have to make a breakfast meal orientated decision. I instinctively reached for the weetabix, my safe haven in a world of uber healthy bran related options and artificial sugar “enriched” krusty – o type cereals. But just then something caught my eye…

Kellogg’s cornflakes, and today they came with reinforcements. A free toy. Those cunning bastards. A lightsaber puzzle. My mind flashbacked to the advert…tony the tiger saying “good enough to test a jedis skills they’re grrrrrrrrrrrrreat” how could I resist.

My main area of dissapointment came when I opened my cereal this morning. The toy poped out on the first bowl. The toy never pops out on the first bowl. This isn't supposed to happen I said to myself. I wanted the antisipation. I wanted the drama. I wanted the "will I get the toy in this bowl" feeling. I thought they were packed specially at the factory so I need to finish the cereal before I get my shiny reward!

This was not so. The second area of dissapointment is that the toy in itself is rubbish. Maybe its just the human condition, grass is greener syndrome. I've been known on many occasion to ruin a perfectly good pack of cereal by ripping it apart in search of the cheap plastic toy inside. Why should I be annoyed when the toy is presented to me on a silver platter…..I just love the chase.

Well today I learnt my lesson.

oh and tony…..they are not great…..not great at all (shakes head solemnly)

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  1. i also suffered the disappointment of the light saber puzzle, though i bought kelloggs for the 2 for £2 offer in tesco. the fact that the ball wouldn't even run through the puzzle properly didn't do anything to help matters. did you notice they glow in the dark though? does increase their value slightly (but only slightly)

    10 May 2005, 18:30

  2. anon

    Well monsieur i'm glad to see you're keeping yourself busy… even if it is within the confines of a cereal box… as I know you love a mystery… i shall leave you to ascertain who this is…perhaps not an intrigue on the grand scales of indiana jones… but simple men of simple tastes cannot be choosers… is that clue enough?

    12 May 2005, 18:45

  3. Rob

    I think you two have little reason to complain!-After purchasing a stupidly oversize box of reduced sugar frosties-I destroyed the box (in an admittedly sad) attempt to retrieve the aforementioned toy-only to discover NO TOY AT ALL!-you two may have a very crappy, disappointing, low quality, uninspiring, cheap, plastic, tacky, non functioning PIECE OF SHIT!-but at least you have one!!!!-that lying bastard of a tiger

    12 May 2005, 18:51

  4. Mr Kellogg's Lawyer

    Dear Mr Ismail,
    Thank you for your complaint. It does cause us at Kelloggs some distress. You state you that you purchased your cornflakes on the advice of a Mr T. Tiger. However, as he is contracted to advertise frosties he has obviously talked himself out of a job by persuading you to purchase cornflakes and turn to the darkside of the cereal market. We will therefore be saking Mr Tiger with imediate effect and sending him back to a Eastern European zoo.
    This of course will not give you any more gaming satisfaction, but will make my day some what more enjoyable.

    May the Frosties Be With You…Always

    J Knight

    17 May 2005, 14:00

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