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August 11, 2009

Hint fiction

Writing about web page

I found a hint fiction competition while browsing. You have to try and write a 25-word story and make it... good I suppose. It's free to enter, so I figured that while I had nothing to do, I may as well try spend all afternoon writing 2 stories. This is what I came up with, in my usual cheerful way. Have a go, you may win $25. What would be fantastic would be if we as a creative writing course managed to take over the entire anthology that they're seeking to publish!

Spot Vacant

The cot remained obviously empty, no matter how she looked at it. If she closed her eyes tightly though, she could sometimes hear a gurgle.

To the rescue…

As he watched her, dancing on the bar, Andy remembered Elisa running round his garden, dressed as a princess. And he was Batman, saving her.

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