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November 12, 2009

The Vengeance Plums

This is just to say

That I stole your plums

That you were saving

For breakfast maybe.

The reason you ask?

Last night, 4 am,

I was awakened

By all that chanting

Merry fresher tunes;

The sound of Snake Bite

Hanging in the air.

If it reoccurs,

I’ll steal all your fucking apples too.

November 03, 2009

The Tree of Knowledge and The Apple who just wanted love…

Once upon a time, Thursday I think,
I met a very sociable snake.
He approached me with a friendly wink.
I’m an apple! I can’t tell a fake…

When I met the very friendly snake,
‘Trust me’, he said, flashing ruby eyes.
As an apple, I can’t tell fake:
Our friendship, all a cunning disguise.

‘Trust me’, he said. Such pretty eyes…
Though the two seemed such a nice pair,
I just went with the cunning disguise,
For I knew he wanted them elsewhere.

So we got rid of that nice pair.
They seem quite happy, despite the Fall.
I knew he wanted them elsewhere
In chains, they may or may not feel.

I haven’t seen him since their Fall,
When he approached me with the friendly wink,
And put us all in chains that I can feel,
  Once upon a time, a Thursday I think. 


Everybody leaves so why haven’t you? 
To this fact I am no longer so blind. 
Pain has been etched on my heart like a tattoo. 

Together we made a stunning debut.
Nonetheless, I have got to bear in mind
That everybody leaves so why wouldn’t you. 

All this will take so little to undo. 
Our boundaries are not quite yet defined,
Unlike the pain on my heart. My tattoo. 

Heartbreak is what I long ago outgrew,
But to recall us two as one entwined…
Everybody leaves, but maybe not you?

Love I could review, my walls I’d subdue.
Maybe you will be the one to mend
The pain that would fade like a temp-tattoo…

Or maybe I’ll just enjoy this short view
For why should I be the one left behind?
Pain will remain etched on my heart. A tattoo.
Everybody leaves and soon, so will you. 

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