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September 14, 2006


In English classes, a long time before www meant world wide web, my teacher used to say it meant who?, what? and why? – the three main things to consider when writing.


I’m Steve Gardner, newly installed as analyst programmer for the Academy. Previously I’ve worked for Next (the big retail company) and bit10 (not quite so big internet consultancy) doing mostly e-Learning and e-Commerce development, along with a side order of Usabiility.


This is my blog. At the moment I see it being somewhere where I can share some of my thoughts on all things work-like, including technical articles, or musings on life at Nagty. Like most things – I’m sure the focus will change with time. If you’re that interested you can always check back here occasionally and see for yourself!


Tricky one. I could say its because I’m bursting with world changing ideas that I need to share with everybody, but a couple of weeks of posting and that will be palpably untrue. Its not even to keep in touch with my relatives in far off ..erm Coventry. Really its just because I can.

So that’s my three W’s. At the risk of sounding a little aggressive, who are you and what are you doing here?

PS Come to think of it, I may have been taking my English teacher a little literally all these years. Anyone got a spare English GCSE I could borrow?

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