October 12, 2004

what to do at 5 am

1. wake all my hall mates up by knocking on their doors asking if they have sugar to put in my coffee
2. download more csi of dc++
3. blast my really sad old school song whilst singing along at the top of my lungs to 'You're my inspiration"
4. do dishes? the cleaning lady is gonna freak tomorrow at the horrendous state of my kitchen
5. smoke. but my lungs are giving up on me and i don't particularly care for pre-mature death anyway
6.SLEEP. duh. the most obvious thing to do

September 29, 2004

Back to school

Since school/ uni started, I have successfully left my student ID at home(which just cost me 15 quid), left my railway pass at home, left a suitcase in storage( I must be blind) and have ingested enough coke(the drink mind you) to leave me sugar high for a considerable amount of time. I currently can't be bothered to stand in line at the Language Centre (cos its jus too bloody long) and hence I'm here – in my room. My bathroom lights don't work. My pc's apparently down with a virus which I can't repair and I can't download anything of dc++. So if you happen to come across a rather cranky cum sugar high person on the street, be nice to her cause she's had quite an annoying start to first term. Thankx.

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