January 15, 2008


Just a quick one, but Amy’s housemate showed her how to make this ‘pesto’ sauce which was sooper tasty (and flourescent green!)

Bag o’ spinach,
bit of onion
bit of garlic
some olive oil
he put half a red pepper in (but it still when green!)
milk (?!?!)
emmental cheese
and i would maybe try adding basil and parmesan.

you blend it all together until it becomes a smooth snot-coloured paste and cook it by ‘frying’ it for a few minutes.

it was deelish!

January 13, 2008

Forgotten ginger and disclaimer

Follow-up to Culinary Greetings from Madrid! from Sarah's blog

Forgot to say I put quite a bit of fresh ginger (which I had left over from my butternut squash korma) in both the spicy pumpkin soup and the apricot chicken thing.

Also, excuse the spelling/grammar/puctuation/general use and abuse of the english language. I could say that all this time in spain has degraded my english and perfected my spanish, but i just can’t actually be bothered/don’t have enough time or patience to correct it. Also, I’m not writing to win a pullitzer, but merely to eagerly share some food ideas and get some feedback. So poo you.

Culinary Greetings from Madrid!

Bueno, two essays, a book to read and discuss with my lecturers and looming exams in two weeks have pushed me to revive my blog- only this time I’m going to use it as a bit of a cooking forum to put up what culinary delights (and failures) I’ve come up with and am enjoying during the week. Also- if I manage to provide some tashty ideas for students with little time/skill (like me) all the better! ;)

Procrastination has allowed me to become more adventurous with my cooking and I would love to hear about any tips/hints/recipes/names of herbs or interesting vegetables you would like to share with me. Bear in mind I only cook for myself and so have taken to doing mostly veggie meals (tonight being the exception with my moroccan-style curry).

NB: All recipes contain hefty doses of onion, garlic and black pepper unless stated otherwise.
NBII: I also cook far too much so only end up cooking every other day, but it’s great you can pop it all in a tupperware (or two) and reheat it the next day (which often tastes even better!)

ps- none of the ingredients are essential (apart from onions, garlic and pepper) so feel free to add/subtract/replace as much/as little as you like. Also, ingredients are fairly limited when it comes to foreign foods so stop tutting at my use of lidl’s no-named ‘curry’ powder. It’s quite good actually.

Soo… here goes:

This week I’ve enjoyed:

Spicy pumpkin soup on tuesday
Potato and leek soup on thursday
and a chicken/apricot/fresh tomato curry thing today (mouthfuls of which I’m enjoying now in between punctuation marks )

Spicy pumpkin soup:
I got a bit over-excited this week when I discovered I could make creamy soups in my housemates smoothie blender (not sure he’d think that’s what it should be used for) So I tried my hand at a spicy pumkin soup.

A few carrots and a potato (because Dan left me a sack of each)
Bay leaves
Generic lidl spices
LOTS OF PEPPER! (onions and garlic of course)

Leek and Potato Soup:
Am not the biggest fan of this soup, find it a bit stodgy and bland, but again I had to use up the potatoes and I had some leeks left over from a stirfry so I thought I’d try my hand at the smoothie blender again.

Leeks (about 3 or 4 can’t really remember but I don’t think it matters)
Maybe some soon-to-be mouldy carrots
Bay leaves
And after blending it smooth I added mushrooms and sweetcorn to give it some lumps and flavour

Soup is so easy to make dudes! I’m not sure why but I never really attempted it before; apart from a vegetable stew which turned to slush and I called ‘soup’. You just fry the onions and garlics, add a load of water with a stock cube, boil all the veggies, strain the veggies when they’re soft
(but keep hold of the spicy water as you can use it for thinnning the soup after blending) blend all the veggies, pour them back in pot, thin them with the stock water andddd phew. serve with a dash of cream, more black pepper and a crusty warm brown bread roll. (As you can see I clearly have too much time on my hands if I manage to actually warm my bread and butter it).

And tonight’s meal I’m really pleased with.

I have a class. And I have a french friend. In that class my french friend and I exchange recipes whilst the teacher goes on about nationalism or something. I swear he’s from seville cos he spills out his words (or half of them I should say) in a massive string of sounds and doesn’t seem to breathe. Ever.
Anyhoo, basically Judith, pronounced Juuuuudite, tells me about what she’s been cooking and I force her to write in down for me (in a mish-mash of spanish/french and english) and then I go home and cook it.

So on friday when I whipped out my dried apricots and proceeded to offer her some she told me about how she cooks with them. And I am eternally grateful.

This recipe works best if everything is diced into very small pieces. I say that like I have some authority on the matter but in fact I’ve only cooked it once so wouldn’t kno, but it may have been her accent or my imagination but i swear Judith said cut everything into little bits.

Fresh Tomatoes,
Curry paste,
And I added mushrooms cos I love them and they go with everything.
Poo I just remembered I was going to put courgette in it.. but forgot.

Fry O/G (in butter? twas good) then the mushoes and chicken stirring in a spoonful or more of curry paste. I bought patak’s korma but any kind will do.
Get your rice going (basmati was what I used) and when it’s 5 mins in add the apricot then the tomatoes to the chicken mixture. Finally add the cream when the rice is nearly done and some more pepper.

Serve and enjoy! (incidentally I usually put a blob of natural yoghurt on my curry-style food. Except that one time i got the spanish wrong and put sweetened yoghurt on instead, which wasn’t too unpleasant actually.

Right, have finished my apricot curry thing and should really get back to work now.

Hopefully you will hear from me again soon unless I start panicking even more about exams/ stop eating/ this cooking thing turns out to be a pms phase.

Lots of love,


May 14, 2006

Oh dear

Oh dear, I'm afraid I don't even remember where I left off… I know I meant to keep up with the writing, but I did say right in the beginning that I wasn't sure if I would be able to keep it going the whole year. Also, I didn't think anyone still looked at this, (but if it makes you happy Mum, I'll put something up from time to time) :)

Hmm.. Well.. It's term 3 now, which basically means exams, caffeine and lots of late nights (or early mornings?). But that won't go on for too long as once exams are over we'll all have about 3 weeks of just hanging out. YaY!

Well… not too sure what I can write about really.. hohumm…. except that now that I'm just over a week away from exams I've decided to start doing things like decorating my room (which involved fixing my fairly lights :D) and cooking 'real' food– which seems to take me about 3 hours.. I think today I'll go to the 3 pound Sunday Roast at Rootes.. Mmm…

OOOhh I can remember a couple of exciting things that have happened so far, 1. Claire's Birthday 2. UEFA Cup Final !!!!!

1. It was Claire's Birthday about a week ago, so me and Cat went on a mission to get her a decent present. Somehow we ended up hi–jacking her room, filling a paddling pool with water and balloons and about 10 cans of fanta 'sprouting' from the bottom, putting up a string of disco lights and a new poster. It was pretty funny watching her struggling trying to get rid of the thing so that her brother could camp out on the floor. We then went on a trip to Birmingham, and it was like being in another country! So many shops, and lights, and pretty colours!! I felt like a right little country munchkin.

2. UEFA Cup Final– Eindhoven. Dad got the tickets in a draw about a month before the event, when Middlesbrough got into the quarter finals, which was a bit risky seeing as they lost quite badly the day before we found out we'd got the tickets, but according to Dad he 'always had faith that they'd make it'. Can I just add that this 'faith' wasn't so obvious during the second leg of the quarter–finals when he was getting ready to fling a bar stool around.. But I think I'll keep that quiet.
Anyhoo… we both met in Amsterdam airport made our way to Eindhoven for the match (stopping off at the hotel in between). Wow. Big difference between the Middlesbrough fans and the Sevilla fans. Very funny! (I think my vocabulary has grown after sitting next to angry fans for the whole match).

Hmm.. ok well… I've been called to go for my lunch.. I suppose I should get dressed as it's the middle of the afternoon and I'm still in my pjs.. Can't really think of much more to say (am up for suggestions). Will try and upload some new photos when I get back.. Or maybe I should carry on with revision.. Hmm…

Hope alls well with everyone…

Loads of Love,
Sarah xxx


March 03, 2006

Day 3 with no chocolate

That's right, I can hardly believe it myself, forty days without chocolate, and i'm now on day 3. At first I thought I'd keep it to myself, as I didn't (don't) think i'll be able to keep it going, but as they say, misery likes company, so now my whole corridor has to suffer with me :)
And Just my luck, costcutters are selling two massive cadbury's bars for 2 pounds something!!! Ai ai. But my theory is, I will still buy chocolate when I feel like it, I'll just store it away so that i have a massive stash come easter day! :D So far I'm managing by eating pistachios (nice big pile of shells by the computer as I type) and ginger crunch biscuits.

Well, on Tuesday I was pancake mum for my friends, (everyone had a turn eventually, and no major disasters apart from bits of pancakes on the oven hobs) I actually made the pancakesfrom scratch as opposed to the very tempting bottle of ready mix powder costcutters were selling on the day (just add water!) Hmm… It was lots of fun, and its amazing the difference a non-stick pan does! Although by the third batch, the pancakes were turning into fried lumps of batter, still tasty though!

Two weeks ago, Jojo came to stay for nearly a week which was GREAAT!!! It was lots of fun, and will put some photos up now. We went to the movies, watched the Japanese play football for the world cup qualifiers; Warwick are holding their own in the summer, apparently its quite a big deal and will be televised etc. We did a midnight trip to tescos (in the rain!) and on Saturday went to School Dayz (it was the first time i had gone, and i acutally had my clip tie!) which was very amusing. Hmmm.. lots and lots happened, and will write more when i think of it…

OOhhhh snow this week! Proper snow! was really cool (literally geddit. oh dear, signs of paternal genes coming through here)

Last weekend went to Cambridge as a surprise with Andrew, Anne, Joe and Helen which was super fun! Lots of pubs, eating out, charity shops and second hand bookshops, and a trip to the Fitzwilliam museum! Yahey!

Hohumm… Ooh.. Basketball team photos yesterday- outside in the snow! In our kits! (although we cheated and wore tracksuit bottoms) was very funny though, hopefully will be getting a copy of that soon.
On Tuesday there's a wheelchair baskedball match against coventry i think, which sounds really challenging, but should be entertaining. Ooh and in the summer I think I'm going to Prague with the team to play against the locals .

hmm.. sorry about the random trails of thought, brain's a bit frazzled with essays and presentations (and lack of chocolate: Claire thinks I'm a junkie cos I was smelling her bar of Cadbury Caramel; granted that sounds weird written down.

Ok well, back to Portugal soon,
Speak to you all soon,
Lots of Love, Sarah !!!

(Middlesbrough v. Man U and Chelsea this season- MUAHAHHAHA) :D:D:D

February 03, 2006

Week 5

OK, so I have finally sat down to try and update my blog. It may take a while and I probably won't get everything written down in one go.

So, Week 5 it is, halfway through my second term of uni. Have just given in my fourth, not so great essay (was up til 3.30 in the morning finishing it off a couple of days ago;Aah the joys of student life!)

Main priority now seems to be trying to find a place to stay. So far I think the picture is that we have a group of 10 people which we'll split into two, and hopefully we'll be able to find two houses pretty close together- probably in Earlsdon which is not too far away, between uni and coventry. I think I'll probably be in a house with Claire, Jon(athan), tom and sho if all works out. Cat's a poo and will be in Italy next year, otherwise I'm sure she'd be living in our box room (haha).

So… what's been happening over the past month… well…

New Years was spent in England, me and cat flew over a couple of days early and stayed with sho in the green and sunny land of Edgware! We managed to meet up (sorry dad) with caz, mel, adrian and one of his friends which was cool. It was great fun meeting all of sho's friends, and we all went to Embankment for the big countdown. (i think i was about 10 metres away from where dan was standing, but communication and technology let us down and we didn't manage to see each other.

So… week one was spent settling back in, and getting my room back to the messy state it's in now (i think that's why I've decided to update my blog, so I don't have to tackle the pile of clothes on the floor- Ah, also because my darling mother has been pestering me for quite a while- I really didn't think anyone still read this, and given the length of today's post, they probably won't any more.) btw mum, i still have the truffles, after-eights are gone but the flowers still look nice :)

Anyhoo; ONE WORLD WEEK took over the university during week two, and it's basically a multicultural event which brings together all the different nationalities here at Warwick. Every day was a different region, and the union would be completely transformed with stalls and tents and lots off cool stuff. (i even got forced/dragged to a belly dancing workshop in between lectures which was Hilarious!!)
There were forum talks, films, lots of parties, and most of all, a FASHION SHOW on Wednesday and One World Party (and buffet on the saturday- unfortunately i was beaten up by the flu so couldn't enjoy it as much as I would have liked). check out "www.oneworldweek.net" for more info.
SO, the Fashion show… well.. somehow the Portuguese Speaking Society managed to get me dressed up in 'rancho' clothes and up on stage in front of two thousand people (or something like that) parading round with a portugal banner. Very embarrasing- but lots of fun. All my friends were there to support me (shouting out WE LOVE YOU SARAH which was awweesome!!! :D) Now not that I don't love portugal or anything, (i couldnt have been brought up without Chocapic!) but i have to say that all through dress rehearsals and backstage I kept wishing i was asian! Seriously, all around me were girls dressed in stunning kimonos and indian dresses, and there was i dressed up in a red farmer-girl outfit looking not-so-glamourous.
Ah well, it was lots of fun! :D

OK, so, can't remember much of week 3- i don't think i got up to much really…

Last weekend however, my wonderful brother came to visit (haha!) which was pretty cool. ON the friday, being the hip and outgoing people we are we out clubbing and got back in the morning. Nah, I lie, we went out for dinner and were in bed (or floor in my case- suprisingly comfortable! might try it out again for a change- like camping or sumthing) where was i.. ah yes, we were both asleep by about 10.30! ( i was slightly later as i had to hang up my washing. I always wonder if my clothes actually get washed, considering i stuff the machines with about 2 weeks worth of clothes, so i think they just kind of clump together going round and round. I reckon one day I'll get my washing out and the clothes in the middle will still be dry.
On saturday we went to the National Motorcycle Museum on the way to Birmingham (i think it's the furthest I've been away from campus this term; except for london). Which was great fun! I even managed to find a Pink bike that matched my trainers!!! :)

ANYWAYS- no need to go any further into the delights of washing. umm…

Oooh yeah, last Friday it was my birthday which was super funsies! :)
i went to watch the boys play football- they won, and it turns out the other team were living in a house we went to visit on tuesday. After football we went to Varsity for CURLY FRIES!!! —> MUCH better than sliced bread!!! Hmm… Lazed around for the rest of the day, and really enjoyed going through the party boxes i received from My mum and averil (food has still lasted me til now- even tho i put loads of it out for my kitchen party thing).
Also, whilst i was watching the latest episode of the OC in someone elses room Cat n Claire creeped into my room and put flower fairly lights all round the door and cleared my bed and laid out some presents- was really special!

Hmm.. i found SUPER BOCK in Costcutters- really weird! and armed with that and some Baileys i had a fun time in the kitchen with everyone. Me and sho made it to the union for a while, but the others failed to catch up for some reason. It was really nice though cos there happened to be a basket ball social going on, so i got to see all of the girls there as well.

OOOhh yeh- basket ball. We had an away game in Staffordshire last week (which we lost, and i got sent off for too many fouls (building up a bad reputation for myself already) But this week we played at home and WON by about 30 points!!! I was playing wing (extremo) which I'm not so used to but turned out to really enjoy it.

Hmm… what else can i think of to say.. umm…. reading week next week in which i have to try and write two essays and do a presentation (perhaps I'm being too hopeful, but we'll see). We were supposed to go up to Manchester for the weekend, but that fell through, but i think i might pop down to london for a couple of days if all goes well.

Ah yes- london, i remember now- week 2 weekend i went down and stayed with afonso because Anthony was in town for his graduation- (Was really great seeing you both!!! Congrats for everything).

Hmm… Ok… can't think of much else to say for the mo. Will try and upload some photos from the past 5 weeks.

Thank you all for your messages and cards, it was really nice to hear from you all, and maybe over easter i might spend some time in england and try and visit some of you (if that's ok). Right.. I think that's all for now, I apologise for it having taken me so long, have had a pretty hectic few weeks (except for week 3, i honestly have no idea what happened there)

RIght, love to all, hope to hear from you all soon,

Loads and Loads of love to all,

Sarah xxxxx :)

ooh yeh- ps- went to see "March of the Penguins" yesterday- I Want one!!

OK, A Typo has been detected, Week 3 was OWW, not week 2, but there's still a week missing in my memory- a bit worrying

December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! :) :D :)

December 08, 2005

I'm Back!

Well, I'm back in Pt, and it feels funny to be home. I'll probably pause blog writing til I'm back in the Uk (home?) but will leave you all with some random photos for now.

Miss you all back at Warwick, have a great Xmas + New Years, and see you all soon :) xxx

December 03, 2005

Ghost Halls…

Woah this is wierd…It's 4 o'clock in the afternoon and there is noone about- literally. Most people cleared out by 10 this morning, and now there are only a couple of us left walking the lonely corridors aimlessly.
Hopefully I'll make it to London tomorrow for the day (If I can find the coach stop) and if I'm able to pack my room into practically 2 bags under the weight of 20kgs… hmm… could be tricky.. we'll see.
Well, I'm off to the Library and the post-office to run some last minute errands. This could well be my last post in England of my first term at Uni.
Well, will see you all soon,
Lots of Love,
Sarah xxxxx

November 28, 2005

IT'S SNOWING!!!!!!!!


How exciting!!!!! :):D:)

WOW!!!! Was worth coming to uni just for this!!!!! :)D:D:)

(just like to remind those of you who are now thinking I have the mentality of a 5yr old: IT NEVER HAS/NEVER WILL SNOW IN PORTO!!! AAhhh Why am I going back just as the weather gets good?!!

Ok.. Is raining now.. excitement over.. grey skies.. hrumph.. bah.. humbug…
back to spanish revision… bah… grumph

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