October 12, 2004


Skills for Success:

Interpersonal Skills

Communication Skills
Worked as a project engineer in year in industry, so needed to get information for lots of different people, eg designers, fitters, sales departments, suppliers etc.



Logical Thinking
Created large dynamic database for company during year in industry.

Quantitative Thinking


Continuing Education
Read magazines such as New Scientist and The Engineer.

Maintaining a Professional Library:

Mathematics for Engineers – Croft & Davidson

21st Century Manufacturing – Wright

Introduction to Materials Science for Engineers – Wright

Management for Engineers, Scientists and Technologists – Chelsom, Payne and Reavill

Foundations of Engineering – Holtzapple Reece

Was responsible for expensive hired sound equipment for 6th form musical.



Common Sense

Looked at the maths behind internet encryption, because it sounded interesting and I wanted to know whether I could safely use a credit card over it. (I do trust the system)

Involvement in the Community

Skills for Creativity:

Persistence (‘Stick-to-it-iveness’)

Questioning (‘Asks Why’)

Never Satisfied

Learns from Accidents

Makes Analogies


Develops Qualitative & Quantitative Understanding

Good Visualisation Skills

Good Drawing Skills
Have done art GCSE and still do sketching occasionally.

Unbounded Thinking

Broad Interests
I enjoy playing the piano and listening to a wide range of music. I also play badminton, tennis and football.

Collects Obscure Information

Works with Nature

Keeps an engineering ‘toolbox’

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