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July 12, 2013

P8 – Leading a Group Project – Final

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WSPA P8 – Leading a Group Project – Final

Workshop Tutor: Han-na Cha

Date: 12th July 2013

Following this workshop I do not only feel that I can be an effective leader but this is actually my preferred role. The reason behind this is not so much to do with the level of authority over people but the level of responsibility for the task and the power to coordinate a team and utilise the strengths of my group.

The best type of leadership style tends to be the one your type of team/project needs. A general theme I have found with careers workshops and associated career preparing classes is the need to remain adaptable. A great leader is someone who can transition their style throughout a project for the benefit of the overall task and between each subtask or to different teams/individuals: It is an ever evaluate and re-evaluating exercise carried out at a very personal level.

Having now analysed previous team failures, I can now implement a structured style to produce the desired result. As with my writing, this tended to be due to what Adair describes as the planning and initiating responsibilities of the leader. Instead of assuming the team is clear on the objectives and reasons behind a task I make sure that I clarify this and set out a time stamped structure of sub-tasks as was the case during my training contract exercise.

I look forward to using what I have learnt for my Masters in Business and Law at BPP as well as in my future legal career.

March 30, 2013

WSPA P8 Follow–Up

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WSPA P8 Follow-Up

Workshop Tutor: Han-na Cha

Date: 30/03/2013

Unfortunately there have been limited circumstances and opportunities for me to apply what I learnt in the ‘Leading a Group Project’ workshop. However, during my International law seminar we had a group debate session. I took the initiative with a quick ice-breaker exercise for our group to make sure we knew each other and the modules we studied. This short and seemingly trivial activity lead to the whole group participating in bringing their arguments, ideas and interpretations of the reading forward during our brainstorm. Tuckman’s technique of group formation seems to have been the missing link during my previously very silent group exercises in the same seminar class. I also made it open as I could for people to criticise my own propositions by actually asking people to come up with opposing arguments. This allowed my group to produce a much more analytical and persuasive argument.

While not formally a group project, I had the responsibility of two children’s safety during a series of high tree challenges for my cousin’s birthday. This truly highlighted the importance of teambuilding in order to complete activities given. With regards to ensuring the safety of the kids, I took an autocratic role as this was of upmost importance. On the other hand, I was much more democratic when it came to discussing how to tackle the tasks at the great heights involved and on ensuring the welfare of my group to make sure that they were not only comfortable with the activities ahead but also enjoying them too.

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