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July 12, 2013

P4 – Delivering Effective Presentations – Follow–up

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P4 - Delivering Effective Presentations – Final

Workshop Tutor: Bev Walsh

Date: 12th July 2013

I feel that I have yet to fully utilise the skill sets I have acquired from this workshop. To date I have tackled how I present myself to others as oppose to a presentation as commonly understood. However, this will change in the upcoming months with the possibility of interviews and assessment centres in the hopes of securing a training contract as well as with my Masters in Law and Business which is partly assessed by presentations that starts in September.

Thus far I feel not only much more confident my presentation abilities but also much more aware of external factors which should affect my presentation style such as the time of day, stage space available, my audience’s knowledge on the subject and even their age. Currently I am using the KISS model to practice my interview technique by brainstorming the different experiences I have undertaken and the related skill sets that are exemplified by them. Then deciding the strongest relations between the two to give examples as well as which may be outdated or less relevant for different law firms. I am then just practicing interviews in front of the mirror and with my family at the moment which are recorded and gradually my style has become much more engaging; well articulated; direct and relevant.

The main problem area which has required deep thought has been intonation which I am constantly tweaking in different areas of my answer (although I realise that this may not go as to plan in a real interview). I will research this area further to reach the next level on my presenting style.

The workshop did inspire me to gain a Microsoft Office Specialist certification on Microsoft PowerPoint so that I can make full use of visual aid software. I hope to transition the knowledge I have gained through the workshop and the above course into my later career and Pro Bono work in which I will undoubtedly be pitching ideas and clarifying/summarising points to business clients.

July 08, 2013

WSPA P4 – Delivering Effective Presentations – Follow–up

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P4- Delivering Effective Presentations- Follow-up

Workshop Tutor: Bev Walsh

Date: 6th July 2013

Preparation seems to be the key to success in this field. While not presenting in the formal sense, I ensure that before I engage in a conversation with an agenda or technical inquiry, I quickly take note of the key discussion points. Examples have been during my career meeting with BPP law school where I wanted to ensure I came across professionally and had a structured approach to my queries and concerns which meant that I could get the most out of the 30 minute time slot I had been allocated. I now constantly carry my water bottle with me everywhere, which not only provide me with pauses in conversation to think through what I am about to say, but also keeps the tone of my voice in check and prevent it breaking when nervous.

Again, more on the level of presenting myself as oppose to delivering a presentation, I have currently been re-establishing some networks I obtained during previous law fairs. The goal is to gain some insight into different firms which I intend to apply to as well as perhaps find a more informal avenue to forward my applications to based on any sort of recommendation or recognition. As was my approach to the quick phone conversations I have had with some of my contacts, I intend to have an agenda geared toward my career and possibly even a friendship if I can secure an informal meet up for a drink.

Furthermore, I am currently rehearsing replies to possible questions I could be asked at an interview stage so that I am confident and clear in the way I present myself in an interview. I will continue to do this until I have fully updated my CV and covering letter at which stage I will book mock interviews with BPP Law School as well as practice with my family and friends which should leave me as prepared as I can be.

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