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July 14, 2013

A3 – Academic Writing – Final

Follow-up to A3 – Academic Writing – Follow–up 2 from Sean's blog

A3 – Academic Writing – Final

Workshop Tutor: Dr Laura Davies

Date: 14th July 2013

For me the key change and ongoing challenge remains at being able to produce a structured plan. In referring to the checklist provided by the workshop and following the methodology provided, I feel that I am a much more confident writer. The terms in bold are of particular importance in the way I plan and execute my assignments now. Prior to the workshop I would have produced a plan, but only because I had been told that this was a good thing to do. The results were very sketchy and lacked the substance needed to provide me with a time saving framework to produce an organised and well articulated piece of writing.

My new approach to planning alongside my awareness of the audience I am writing for has translated into a style which is much more engaging; fluent; structured; purposeful and relevant as well as providing a higher level of critical analysis and comparative understanding. My essays no longer follow the crime novel outline that leaves the reader guessing until the end but provides an outline of the position I will take on the subject and the issues that are in question. This direction from the outset keeps me interested in the assignment, never mind the marker.

Despite the vast improvements I have made, academic writing definitely remains a work in progress. I still need a lot of practice on maintaining the focus of my assignments during paragraphs halfway through my essay. Not only this but I am a relatively slow reader which makes the research stage particularly time consuming so I am using Spreeder in order to address this problem. Finally, I cannot remember if it was mentioned during the workshop but I think that EndNote should be plugged into the starter packs for every course involving writing. Unfortunately, I have only discovered this software after finishing my degree at Warwick but it will hopefully be an invaluable tool when I begin my Masters in Law and Business by providing a translation tool for referencing to provide citations as well as automatically forming your bibliography alongside it. This saves many boring hours of referencing which is much welcomed.

While the workshop will directly impact on my future Masters assignments, it has a much more general impact beyond academics which I will carry through to my upcoming applications for training contracts and paralegal work as well as for my eventual legal career.

When writing, always keep in mind Plan and Purpose.

P3 – Working in a Team – Final

Writing about web page /seanmcshane/entry/p3_working_in/

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P3 – Working in a Team – Final

Workshop Tutor: Trudy Hillier

Date: 14th July 2013

I have learnt that the best role to have in a team is the one it needs most. This comes with some conditionals though reliant on my characteristics being strong enough to take on that role as well as whether I can do it for a particular task/in a certain context. Thus far I have not had issues adapting my role from coordinator and ME to plant and team worker.

The workshop has helped me answer that all-too-common interview question “what value can you add to the firm?” I can answer this question professionally with various previous examples ranging from fundraising Pro Bono work to my treasury role within the Breakdance society. Over and above this I feel much more confident at the idea of assessment centres and my Masters in business and law.

A key point in being a good team member has several layers of thought process. The first is to establish what you bring to the team; the second is what others bring to the team; the third is then adjusting to this so that your team is in the best possible position to succeed in the given objective.

The single most important thing I have gained in this workshop is the realisation that I do not want to work in a career that does not involve teamwork. I thrive off the team dynamic and greatly look forward to this type of work after I finish my LPC.

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