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July 12, 2013

P8 – Leading a Group Project – Final

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WSPA P8 – Leading a Group Project – Final

Workshop Tutor: Han-na Cha

Date: 12th July 2013

Following this workshop I do not only feel that I can be an effective leader but this is actually my preferred role. The reason behind this is not so much to do with the level of authority over people but the level of responsibility for the task and the power to coordinate a team and utilise the strengths of my group.

The best type of leadership style tends to be the one your type of team/project needs. A general theme I have found with careers workshops and associated career preparing classes is the need to remain adaptable. A great leader is someone who can transition their style throughout a project for the benefit of the overall task and between each subtask or to different teams/individuals: It is an ever evaluate and re-evaluating exercise carried out at a very personal level.

Having now analysed previous team failures, I can now implement a structured style to produce the desired result. As with my writing, this tended to be due to what Adair describes as the planning and initiating responsibilities of the leader. Instead of assuming the team is clear on the objectives and reasons behind a task I make sure that I clarify this and set out a time stamped structure of sub-tasks as was the case during my training contract exercise.

I look forward to using what I have learnt for my Masters in Business and Law at BPP as well as in my future legal career.

P4 – Delivering Effective Presentations – Follow–up

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P4 - Delivering Effective Presentations – Final

Workshop Tutor: Bev Walsh

Date: 12th July 2013

I feel that I have yet to fully utilise the skill sets I have acquired from this workshop. To date I have tackled how I present myself to others as oppose to a presentation as commonly understood. However, this will change in the upcoming months with the possibility of interviews and assessment centres in the hopes of securing a training contract as well as with my Masters in Law and Business which is partly assessed by presentations that starts in September.

Thus far I feel not only much more confident my presentation abilities but also much more aware of external factors which should affect my presentation style such as the time of day, stage space available, my audience’s knowledge on the subject and even their age. Currently I am using the KISS model to practice my interview technique by brainstorming the different experiences I have undertaken and the related skill sets that are exemplified by them. Then deciding the strongest relations between the two to give examples as well as which may be outdated or less relevant for different law firms. I am then just practicing interviews in front of the mirror and with my family at the moment which are recorded and gradually my style has become much more engaging; well articulated; direct and relevant.

The main problem area which has required deep thought has been intonation which I am constantly tweaking in different areas of my answer (although I realise that this may not go as to plan in a real interview). I will research this area further to reach the next level on my presenting style.

The workshop did inspire me to gain a Microsoft Office Specialist certification on Microsoft PowerPoint so that I can make full use of visual aid software. I hope to transition the knowledge I have gained through the workshop and the above course into my later career and Pro Bono work in which I will undoubtedly be pitching ideas and clarifying/summarising points to business clients.

A3 – Academic Writing – Follow–up 2

Follow-up to A3 – Academic Writing – Follow–up from Sean's blog

A3 – Academic Writing – Follow-up 2

Workshop Tutor: Dr Laura Davies

Date: 6th July 2013

Since the workshop I have been very mindful of the audience who are marking my papers and assignments. With this in mind, I was sure to study materials written by my lecturers, seminar tutors and any external marker’s works. My examination technique has clearly improved since last year having gone from a mere pass to achieving an overall 2.1 degree classification. Previously, I would barely plan at all under examination conditions as I ignorantly felt that this would take up too much time. I felt much more comfortable with a structured approach to planning before writing which meant that one paragraph could flow into the next.

However, I still felt that my time allocation between questions was poorly set out which let me down overall. A part of this could be because I had a gap between my 2nd and final year alongside a lack of practice on examination technique and timed essay writing meant that I could not apply my knowledge and understanding of the course within the fixed timeframe. In future, I will tackle previous exam questions under timed conditions as oppose to just writing out answer notes so that I feel more prepared and comfortable when sitting the actual exam.

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