November 16, 2005

Transferable Skills

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I have identified 15 skills I think I am very competent at:

  1. Problem solving ability
  2. Tact
  3. Can cope with pressure/stress
  4. Logical argument
  5. Analytic ability
  6. Dependability/reliability
  7. Tolerance
  8. Adaptability (intellectual)
  9. Understanding of core principles
  10. Drive/energy
  11. Imagination
  12. Numeracy
  13. Willingness to learn
  14. Loyalty
  15. Equipped for continuous education

I have identified 5 skills I think I am not competent at:

  1. Oral communication skills
  2. Financial knowledge
  3. Commercial awareness
  4. Experience of the world of work
  5. Relevant work experience

After I get my degree I intend to become a Chartered Engineer and specialise in Mechanical Engineering (especially Aeronautical). To obtain a good job I will need to improve in the skills I am weakest at – namely communication, commercial and financial awareness and work experience. My plan is to learn awareness through my studies, communication via oral exercises and experience by working briefly in industry in holidays. The transferable skills I have now are a mixture of skills I have developed and those I was taught. Problem-solving, analytical ability and understanding of core principles come from years of studying Science. Since both of my parents are Science teachers I was pushed hard to develop the numercacy, willingness to learn, pressure coping and adaptability that a career in Engineering would require. Due to this I have an excellent work ethic and during my time at school my homework was rarely late and always to the best of my abilities. However, in order to gain other skills I also worked hard at non-science subjects including taking History to AS level. These subjects have taught me logical arguments, tact, tolerance and loyalty. On top of this I have drive and great dependability as shown by my ability to put off enjoying myself until I have finished all my work – even if it runs longer than expected and cuts into my social life. These are the skills that I have now and I hope to improve long after I have finished at University.

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