November 18, 2004

Who likes sharing answers for assignment?

For my course. fortunately i dun have any exams
Unfortunately it has massive workload on assignments
I had 7 assignments….
been working helluva hard for the past 2 weeks to get it down to 4.

Many things had happened for the past 2 weeks, as can see that my blog was largely empty for the past 2 weeks. been concentrating on assignments. i didn't have time to cook, to tidy my room or to do my laundries. and after all that hardwork it paid off…...i am pretty satisfied with the outcome of my assignment.

just a few days before i was about to hand in…....hmmm…ppl started to flood in and ask for answers. and i thought things like that only happen in Malaysia lol. but i wasn't laughing that time, i spent lotsa time to produce my answers and all the time they spent on it was the time for them to ask the question. I am not going at rejecting requests from friends….but that day was just too much. Evreyone took turn to ask, and i had no time to do my own things. I dun mind telling them the concepts to get the anwers, but asking for answers straight on? tlhat's too much i think

well. i can't really blame them. i mean, i was like that when i was in malaysia. now i know how they feel (the ppl that i use to copy from) :P

October 31, 2004

DST what do u think of it?

So we need to switch our clock one hour back.
yay…i've got one extra hour today. what am i going to do with it? sleep off it.
fortunately someone told me this morning, otherwise i'll be one hour early for everything…..(which is a good thing, really)

from where i come from, we dun need to change clothes at different time of the year.
from where i come from,we dun need to change our clocks 2 times every year.

so why do ppl use DST? for more info

but isn't it difficult to coordinte the change of clocks all over EU?
isn't it troublesome to change the clocks?
isn't it easier if we ask ppl to wake up earlier during summer?
isn't it easier if we "shift" the time ourselves than changing the clocks?
wouldn't it create confusion? i mean is it common all over the world or is it just EU and US?

I wonder what the rest think about DST.

October 30, 2004

OH that's why?

now i know why HSBC never send bank statements to me. i've just checked onlne and realized that they've been sending it to my home country (permanent address).gosh, can they get any more stupid? they should be sending it to the term address!!!!!

October 29, 2004

First blog

My first blog.
So my first question is: why do anyone blogs?
i'm gonna try it out anyway.

well, i'm pretty motivated by some very interesting blogs that i've seen online, jiin joo's one is pretty impressive. gosh…i envy his life in US.

coming to U.K. wasn't as i expected really

  • there are tonnes of chinese. it's more like goint to china for studies
  • i thought cold weather would be nice. but it's just too darn cold. miss the weather in malaysia
  • miss my family. especially mom. is she doing alrite?
  • and everyone call my name wrongly (can't blame them really).
  • the #$%@ HSBC is just so unefficient. back in malaysia and also here in UK. they can't get my TT thru (m'sia) and they can't produce even a bank statement (UK) for my mobile…..argghhh…i've been waiting for almost a month now.

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