April 09, 2008

Olympic Spirit?!

Where is the Olympic spirit?!

Firstly, in four months time, The Olympic game is going to take place in our great country.

But, unfortunately, before this great event, marplots have already made this year’s Olympic into a very difficult situation—tried to put-out the fire of the Olympic torch relay. Has anyone of you still remembered the theme of the Olympic? Hope this can remind all of you:

Building a peaceful

And better world…

In the Olympic Spirit

Which requires mutual understanding

With a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play!!!


The opportunity of hosting the Olympic game creates the perfect chance allow western people to explore the true aspect of China, whilst it also offers the opportunity to those who want to damage the international recognition of China, such as Dalailama. On the 14/03, the ruleless and malicious Tibet activists have buried down shops, killed people and attacked government, which has caught every one of us in “surprised”. More than thirty peoples, who were totally innocent, have been killed in that incident on that day.

On the same day, distorted and untruthful western reports were all over the world; disgraceful media “attack” on China has begun. Those, who don’t even know where Tibet is, have been brain washed.

I want to review few facts of Tibet was is and always will be a part of China.

Any one, who has a little knowledge of history of Chinese, could understand, since Yuan Dynasty (1271 AD), Tibet has been a part of China.

In fact, during the weak period of Qing Dynasty, British took over control over Tibet as a colonial region and treaded Tibetans as salves.

Until 1950, Chinese Red Army freed Tibet from Dalai Lama’s control.

Every year, Chinese government has invested millions RMB on the infrastructure construction-- hospitals, schools, railway, motor-road, and modernised cities.

China is NOT a single ethnic nation, 56 ethnic groups make up PRC-China, Tibet is one of them. 56 ethnic groups treat each other equally, as likely as brothers and sisters.

There thousands of tones evidences could prove Tibet is not independent country. I don’t understand those people demonstrated in Athens, London and Paris, Do you really know about Tibet? Few months ago, there was an article on BBC depicted that majority of British did not even know who our Chairman is? Ask yourself, if you do care that much about Tibet, What the hell were you in the last fifty years? How many of you have actually taken steps in Tibet? Why didn’t you protest in last year or the year before?

Talk about democracy!

I don’t deny the Chinese central government engage some sort of filters to screen anti-Chinese information.

Although, I want to address, such news agent like BBC, many companies has been privatised in 1980’s, as the surge of privatisation in UK. But it doesn’t mean that privatisation equals justice, liberty and democracy! There is no single company that can exist and isolate from government control. Can you still say that reports from BBC on the Tibet were 100% objectively? Personally, I doubt that!

It is meaningless that we are here to argue such fact—Tibet was, is and always will be a part of China!

Watching people shouting in the TV scream won’t give you the truth. What I saw from the TV, those people who wore monk cloth, were not real Tibetan. And The Olympic torch relay has likely become a ridiculous and pathetic drama which directed by western medias!

Don’t be the frog in the shallow well, making judgement from the unfair reports doesn’t mean that you know China better than a real Chinese!

November 29, 2007

oh~dear i shall not leave this blog as blank as it was.

Greeting people welcome to my blog!!!

typically, this is another boring space, you may have seen in many times. For those don't know me, my name is Shun Cao (known as Ray), an ordinary Msc Student of international technology management of WMG! 

this is the first year for me to be here!  everything around is wonderful----people, building, books and facilities etc, you name it, as i should mention i am an optimist. 

just finished off reading of my friend's warwick, that triggers the hunger of mine to blog life of warwick!

i wish every single one of student will enjoy their precious time in  warwick!

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