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March 29, 2005


The gallery is up!

Bit annoyed about the panoramas – WB doesn't allow them to be shown in their full, glorious magnitude. Ah well.

Edit: Full sized panoramas can now be found here, here and here. Thank you Nick and ImageShack.

March 25, 2005

Day 4–6

Going to be staying in a chalet in La Clusaz – a resort about 40 minutes drive from Annecy – the one we went to on Tuesday. It seems highly unlikely I will have access to the internet during this time (/tries to control slight twitch) but I will have access to skis, snow and mountains, so I'm sure I will survive.

Night skiing tonight :-D

Day 3 (one day late)

The mind is a wonderful thing. I somehow managed to navigate my way around a town I'd walked through only twice before (and wasn't really paying attention to the route then) by myself without getting lost once. Even when I took a 30 minute detour in completely the opposite direction to the flat, I still had a map in my head telling me its general direction.
I am probably a bit too impressed with myself by this accomplishment.

I was doing this because Rob was working today (or so he claimed), I'd done all the washing up, and revision was staring me in the face.

Now we need the rain to stop so we can do some more skiing. >.<

March 23, 2005

Day 2

No skiing today due to a combination of rain below 2500m and nearly breaking my pelvis during comedy fall number 2 yesterday. Went for a walk around Annecy instead.

I also discovered that I can be quite good at bowling if I ever had any consistency. 5 strikes, a few spares and a lot of 8s and 9s, mixed in with too many total misses. :-(

There's a vague plan to do some revision tomorrow. Maybe.

March 22, 2005

Day 1

Hours of sleep: 2
Hours of skiing: 3.5
Jumps landed: All but one
Comedy falls: 2
Times beaten by a lift: 2
Body-parts currently in pain: Feet, thighs, right arm (wtf?)

It's been a fairly good start – the weather isn't great and as a result the lower pistes were rather slushy (hence the burning pain in my legs – control (what control?) comes at a price).
Managed to ski over the edge of a drop that was much larger than expected (hence comedy fall number 2) and stack it on a bit of off-piste that was deceptively deep (number 1).

The boots seem to be working out though – £200 well spent, or so it seems at the moment

March 19, 2005


Well I'm homeward bound later erm…today, and then on to France on Monday for a week. Doubt I'll have the time and energy to blog until I get back.

Regardless, as this will be my first holiday with my digital camera, there will be lots of photographic evidence of my trip, in an attempt to challenge the other Simon for the honours of the coveted Where's David? WBPhotoWhore award. No doubt I will fail dismally…

March 13, 2005

What I will be doing next Monday

12:30 at Woodford
12:52 at Liverpool Street
13:00 at Farringdon
Price: £3.80

13:14 at Farringdon
13:55 at Gatwick
Price: £6.60

15:40 at Gatwick
18:15 at Geneva
Price: £95.98 (return)

18:42 at Geneva airport
19:15 at Dorcière Place Bus Station
20:40 at Annecy
Price: CHF16.20

Stressing yourself silly in order to get some skiing

(Slightly worried about getting out of the airport and to the bus station in time for that bus (the last of the day), but what's the point in travelling if it doesn't cause you endless amounts of stress?)

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