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May 11, 2005

Chess, according to our AI lecture notes

This is obviously a variant I have never seen before. Although the use of the English language lends a sense of irony to the statement.

April 18, 2005


Yes, those are paper aeroplanes. Yes, they are on the Humanities building roof (well, 2 of them). Yes, I was standing in the Library Group Study room and the second floor when I threw them.

I rock.

Incidentally, for anyone not already comatose with boredom, the ones on the roof were thrown over the window, and the ones on the ground, which nearly made it – bouncing off about half a metre too low – where thrown under it. So there is your paper aeroplane throwing tip of the day.

April 08, 2005

What, exactly, is the point?

How am I supposed to cash this with a straight face?

April 06, 2005


I'm obviously just in that kind of mood today. Noticed this when leaning too far back on my chair whilst looking over my shoulder – I decidedly odd thing to be doing.


Caught by the breeze, held in the moment. It captured my attention.
Not a particularly well composed picture, but I had to take it all the same.

April 04, 2005

The Fires of Hell

Well it looks like I've had a few days off, mainly because I was cast into Hell by an avenging lecturer, via the spell of Contextually Challenged Notes (drains 10 from INT score, induces fatigue and level-drains you to the point where you have negative XP), and then the more conventional method of Gate and throwing my now sleeping form through it.

Anyway, I have returned, and to prove my word is true, here is what the sky looks like in Hell:

It boils I tell you…

Anyway, that was a very convoluted way of getting a nice picture, a bit of RPG geekery and a revision rant into a short post, but I think I managed it.

Back to beating my head into a pulp against whatever hard surface is most handy. Does anyone know a contract killer?

February 06, 2005

An obvious lack of things to say

My radio doesn't like me :-(

February 02, 2005


Thanks to Joel for this:

January 07, 2005

Challenge Everything?

In a return to Pictionary, I bring you the following offer:

December 29, 2004

Yes. Yes I am.

The rank says it all…

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