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December 20, 2004

Midnight Blogging

Oh yes! Another blog about blogging. Obviously I just have nothing going on in my life at the moment. Hooray for holidays :-S

I can't help noticing the trend of the 2 hour BLOGJAM between 11pm and 1am. Everyone suddenly starts writing entries and comments during this time. Do we have nothing better to do? Like, I don't know…sleep, read, watch mind-numbing TV shows?

Anyway, thats me done for now. Just a few more comments to post…

Blogjam is now an official term copyrighted by myself. Any use of said term will result in a lawsuit, unless accompanied by a link back to my blog. And I don't care that someone else has a blog called that already.

December 16, 2004

Blog Hibernation

I feel compelled to write this entry out of sheer boredom and frustration. The new home page is killing us. There has been no movement on it for 25 and a half hours. The number of comments is dropping. I am losing the will to read other people's blogs because it has become too much like trawling through refuse searching for diamonds. Or whatever other metaphor you care to think of. (No offence to you guys whose posts I just referred to as "refuse". It's not that I think you talk rubbish, just that the content doesn't interest me.)

And so I'm retreating almost entirely to looking at my favourites list, with maybe a once-a-day venture out into the big, wide world of everybody else.

Surely this was not the aim of the new homepage? I implore the Great and Mighty Blog Overseers to update the topics list a little more often, to give me more interesting things to read that I would otherwise miss due to general apathy.

December 14, 2004

A Blog is for Life, not just for Christmas

A question for the admins:

Do we get to keep these blogs after we graduate?
And if so, in what form? (By which I mean will we still be able to post here, or will we be able to download all our posts easily if we want to put them elsewhere?)

Ok, so that was three questions. Sue me. (Actually, please don't, I'm just rambling now…)

/Slaps himself

Stuck for ideas to blog about???

Just a passing thought…

Surely if you are stuck for ideas to blog about, you could just, you know....not blog.
I know, that seems like a particularly radical and extreme solution, but if you really need help coming up with something to say, shouldn't you just consider waiting a bit until you think up a worthwhile topic, rather than inflicting boredom and suffering on everyone else.

Oh. Wait…

/looks in the mirror and sees hypocrisy staring back

December 01, 2004


Humm…this is the second time this has happened. I log in and suddenly there's a big blank space. There's the menu bar on the right (date, recent entries, galleries etc), but only after that menu is finished does the latest post appear.
In other words, there's a horrible big grey space where the post should be.

I've found a fix – namely switching to a different base design, but it's incredibly annoying. I've seen this on one or two other people's blogs too.

Is there another (better) fix?

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