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June 06, 2006

Signing Off

This will be my final entry here. WGA membership is coming up for renewal and I won't be continuing it, so I guess this'll be closed down. I know I haven't written..well..practically anything here over the last year, but starting this thing in the first place was definitely a good idea.

Anyone who wants to continue reading my crazy, and often unintelligible ranting, please feel free to visit, where I now live (electronically speaking).

To everyone else, goodbye. I hope you enjoy and make use of this rather excellent platform (or maybe soapbox would be more accurate) that Warwick has provided.

September 25, 2005

OI! Mat and/or Andy!

Writing about web page

What the hell is that about?

September 06, 2005

Damn graduate status

Can everyone please stop writing posts where only staff/students are allowed to comment. It's making me sad.

September 04, 2005

CSS: What went wrong?

I direct your attention to the bottom of the page – the left side is doing wierd things and I can't figure out why.

(You have to load the actual post page to see)

September 02, 2005


There will be more changes when I get off sodding SHARED DIALUP ohgodmyface. Dunno how much/what I'll change but it'll possibly end up looking as much like my website as possible. Of course, this is an opportunity to be a bit creative, so I could go entirely another way. If I can be bothered.

Incidentally, the lovely post-title and post-content spacing seems to disappear if this extra paragraph isn't here. Odd.

August 16, 2005

Me Too!

Writing about WGA entry from Dan Lawrence's Blog

I would like to thank whoever it was who set my password to "eagamesrock".

You made me laugh.

August 06, 2005

Dear Blog Admins/WGA

In 11 days my ITS user account expires, as the two scary emails I've received recently have told me. While I admittedly haven't been using this thing much of late – I've gone elsewhere – I would still like to maintain it for the odd occasions in the future when it will be useful.

I joined the WGA for two reasons – 1) to get cheaper access to the sports center next year, and 2) to be able to continue using this blog.

1) Hasn't worked out very well. It costs £132 to join the sports center as a WGA member, a reduction from the £144 you pay otherwise. A year's membership to the WGA costs, yes, £20. Spot the discount…oh wait…it actually costs MORE this way. What utter cheek! Only at Warwick…
/Shakes head

Anyway, with regards to 2) (and the POINT of this post), I haven't heard anything yet from anyone. Can someone please tell me what is going on?

Thank you for your time,

May 17, 2005

I saw YOU!

Today I saw Holly, Sarah (and the other Sarah Cooper too...there are only two in the uni - I checked - what are the odds?), and possibly Mia, although that was a long distance sighting so I can't be sure. Oh, and Rachel and Alan too, but they don't count cos they know who I am.

December 30, 2004

One month on

A month and one hour ago, to the minute, if I time this right, I started this blog. (Ok, it was meant to be 1 month exactly, but I wandered up to the library and accidentally forgot the time.) Anyway, a mere 55 posts later, here I still am. Is it really only a month? Jeez…seems like so much longer. I must say that it has been an interesting and entertaining experience, and one that I do not regret, even if everyone reading this thinks I'm just a constantly moaning fool (well…you wouldn't be far wrong anyway), and despite the fact that I appear to be running out of ideas at the moment. No doubt next term will bring with it a whole new bundle of stress, and I will be supplied with ample material.

I was more than a little suprised to find that anyone actually bothered to read my rantings at all, and rather disturbed to discover that, after only three days I was already considered something of a powerblogger. Not that it went to my head at all. Honest.
Since then it has disturbed me even more to have unfounded allegations written about me, mainly by Mat, who obviously has issues of his own that he can't quite come to terms with

This is basically just a little message to say thank you for reading, writing, and generally giving me something to laugh about. Oh yes, and feeding my ego as well of course ;-)

It's been emotional.

December 28, 2004

A Warwick Blogs Lamentation

Today I have chosen to complain about the state of Warwick Blogs. It seems to me that many blog entries fall under 5 categories:

  1. Amusing but totally insincere
  2. Mad rants about unlikely subjects
  3. Not of interest to anyone other than the author and possibly some people involved
  4. Chinese
  5. Pictionary

It is, in fact, the first of these that is beginning to get on my nerves. Which is odd, because I generally prefer to read funny stuff to anything else, but sometimes I've just found myself getting annoyed by the total lack of meaningful content.

Personally, I have been searching for some happy medium, a Blogtopia, if you will. I know I have yet to find it.

On a seperate note, my power supply is fine. It was just a loose bolt making the buzzing noise.

See? I'm guilty of point 3 as much as anyone else ;-)

Blogtopia, like Blogjam, is now copyright by me. The same terms and conditions apply to its use. See Midnight Blogging for details.

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