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December 31, 2004

Deep Thought

I hate New Year's Eve. It is the one time, more than any other, that it occurs to me how alone I am.

After much consideration I have come to realise that there are less than 10 people in this world whose company I prefer to my own, and less than 5 who I think "get me". And I'm not even certain about some of them.

As for the number of people I willingly impart information about myself to…well, actually that has been growing over the past few months, as I'm making a conscious effort to talk about more than just what music I'm listening to, what films I like, and how much I hate EA Sames. So many conversations we have in life are staggeringly superficial – there are people I've known for 10 years who I've never told anything about myself. I don't know if that makes me a shut-off person, or if it is perfectly normal, but it has begun to bother me a little bit. The problem is if I will be able to change after all these years. Thankfully the responses I've been getting in this tentative process have surprised me by being, on the whole, rather positive.

To those rare few whose conversations are always thought-provoking and challenging, I say thank you, and please may it continue for a long time to come. If you guys are reading this, I'm sure you know who you are.

I think that's about it for the moment. I will now go and try to find and alternative to spending New Year's Eve on my own, watching fireworks and Big Ben on the TV, because years gone by have shown me that there is almost no experience that is more depressing.

December 30, 2004

One month on

A month and one hour ago, to the minute, if I time this right, I started this blog. (Ok, it was meant to be 1 month exactly, but I wandered up to the library and accidentally forgot the time.) Anyway, a mere 55 posts later, here I still am. Is it really only a month? Jeez…seems like so much longer. I must say that it has been an interesting and entertaining experience, and one that I do not regret, even if everyone reading this thinks I'm just a constantly moaning fool (well…you wouldn't be far wrong anyway), and despite the fact that I appear to be running out of ideas at the moment. No doubt next term will bring with it a whole new bundle of stress, and I will be supplied with ample material.

I was more than a little suprised to find that anyone actually bothered to read my rantings at all, and rather disturbed to discover that, after only three days I was already considered something of a powerblogger. Not that it went to my head at all. Honest.
Since then it has disturbed me even more to have unfounded allegations written about me, mainly by Mat, who obviously has issues of his own that he can't quite come to terms with

This is basically just a little message to say thank you for reading, writing, and generally giving me something to laugh about. Oh yes, and feeding my ego as well of course ;-)

It's been emotional.

December 29, 2004

The Computing Disease

Liang: Where did you go?
Me: ntl has 2 hour cutout on dialup
Liang: haha dialp
Me: DIE!
Liang: I couldn't even be bothered spelling it properly
Me: It's like the worst disease of the computing world
Me: Except that its not catching
Me: Unfortunately broadband isn't catching either
Me: I wouldn't mind contracting a bad case of broadband

Yes. Yes I am.

The rank says it all…

December 28, 2004

A Warwick Blogs Lamentation

Today I have chosen to complain about the state of Warwick Blogs. It seems to me that many blog entries fall under 5 categories:

  1. Amusing but totally insincere
  2. Mad rants about unlikely subjects
  3. Not of interest to anyone other than the author and possibly some people involved
  4. Chinese
  5. Pictionary

It is, in fact, the first of these that is beginning to get on my nerves. Which is odd, because I generally prefer to read funny stuff to anything else, but sometimes I've just found myself getting annoyed by the total lack of meaningful content.

Personally, I have been searching for some happy medium, a Blogtopia, if you will. I know I have yet to find it.

On a seperate note, my power supply is fine. It was just a loose bolt making the buzzing noise.

See? I'm guilty of point 3 as much as anyone else ;-)

Blogtopia, like Blogjam, is now copyright by me. The same terms and conditions apply to its use. See Midnight Blogging for details.

December 27, 2004

NTL are a bunch of lying liars!

This is a dialup connection! Stop playing with my hopes and dreams…

(I would like to apologise for making 3 posts in a row featuring pictures. I am obviously running out of things to say.)

December 26, 2004

Missing: One Funny

Have you seen this funny? If so please contact me. I think it has run away after too much time spent on its own in mild depression.

A word to the wise

The following is what happens if you do not clean your computer out for a few years…

Can you say "eeuuurgh"?

Unfortunately, the source of the strange noise eminating from my computer has now been identified as the power supply fan. So that's MORE money that I'm going to have to spend.


December 25, 2004

It's Christmas!

The official Holiday of Capitalism is here!
Quick. Lets all go find us some Communists to kill!

December 24, 2004


I wrote probably my longest entry ever a couple of hours ago, on the rather uninteresting subject of how I can never get to sleep on Thursday nights due to (probably) excess adrenaline caused by playing badminton. However, when I pressed Publish now, I got the dreaded blogbuilder error message page. You know the one, with what looks like the world's largest exception error. Worse, I realised that, unlike all my recent entries, I had forgotten to copy this one beforehand, on the foolish assumption that, should anything go wrong, I could just press the Back button. Oh how naive of me.

Anyway, it is sufficive to say that I don't have the willpower to type it all out again, and thus I will instead leave you with a small homage to the only good Christmas song ever, Fairytale of New York.

"When you first took my hand on a cold Christmas Eve, you promised me Broadband was waiting for me"

Merry Christmas to everyone, except for blogbuilder, which can go rot in a corner. (No offence to the guys who created it, I know you do a good job, but it can just be so goddam annoying sometimes.)

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