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November 30, 2004

Secret Identity

Those of you living on campus this year may well have come across me under the name "stonedben". Obviously if you have stumbled across this blog by chance you will have realised that my name is not Ben. Neither am I stoned. Ever. (And that is not just for the benifit of any spying Warwick administrators). However, I can't be bothered to explain why I use that name or where it comes from.
This entry is simply a disclaimer: I am not, have never been, nor will ever be responsible for the actions of He Who Is Called "Mandrill". okthx.

Oh, and I occasionally log certain amusing conversations, which may appear here over time.

Timetabling Nightmare

Okaaaaaaaay, so I've just had a properly look at my timetable for next term. I kinda knew it was gonna suck already, but it is now confirmed.

Can you say "Five 9am lectures a week for 10 weeks"?
So. Fecking. Wrong.
Oh, and thank you once again to the physics and computer science departments, for communicating with each other yet again. Hooray for lecture clashes!

(If you were wondering, 15 hours of lectures for the first 5 weeks, then 13 for the last 5. So much for trying to enjoy my final year!)

On Warwick Accomodation

So I'm living in Tocil this year, and while it is infinitely preferable to that cesspit that is Coventry, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t moan, regardless. Here is a little list of things anyone thinking about living in Tocil next year should consider:

There are no sinks in the rooms. Ok, this is not actually something I can legitimately get worked up about, because they tell you in advance. If you look carefully.

The curtains do not fully cover the windows, despite the curtain rails being more than long enough.

The radiators. Where to start? Well, for the first 7 weeks of term they just didn’t work. The best you ever got was lukewarm. But recently they have been “fixed”. This means they work, to a painful level of heat, but you have no control over them. Turn the knob fully in one direction, they stay on. Turn it fully in the other direction, they stay on. Turn it to the middle…you get the idea. And you can’t vary the heat. It comes in one setting: Sauna. I think maybe they turn them down a bit during the day, but that seems unlikely as I can currently feel the heat radiating from the thing a meter away.
Oh, and they click all night too.

The windows are those annoying sliding things, not the honest, decent push-open-pull-closed standard jobbies. And of course, as I live on the ground floor, I can’t leave them open while I’m out of the room, which exacerbates the Radiator Problem. (Good word huh?)

And now onto the most annoying thing of all. The desks are NAILED TO THE WALL! This is annoying for two reasons.

  1. You cannot rearrange the furniture to any extent.
  2. If, like me, you have a large, boxy, LOUD computer, you can’t put it under the desk. It sits just on my right, whirring away – another heating device in my room, ripening the fruit and melting chocolate that I carelessly place near it. And of course there are wires trailing EVERYWHERE. (For those of you who haven’t realised yet: desk nailed to wall = no room for wires to go down the back of desk = impossible to put computer on floor)
    The room setup is made even worse by the positioning of the network socket and the double power-point, namely behind the bed on the opposite side of the room. As you only get one other plug socket in the room, I seriously suggest you invest in multiple splitters and a 5 meter Ethernet cable if you plan to live here next year.
    And maybe a power drill.

Footnote: This was meant to be a bullet point list, but after 15 minutes flicking to and from preview, some grinding of teeth and, at one point, the ACTUAL pulling out of hair (albeit only the one hair), I decided to give up. Pffff useless system.

Hello and welcome…

Well well. It seems I have become bored enough (or at least desperate for displacement activities enough) to start up one of these things. I am, however utterly convinced that no one will read this, other than (possibly) those who I explicitly tell about it – so comment and prove me wrong. Feeeeed the ego :-)

First off I would like to say that the setup system for these things is slightly wierd – namely that you have to choose the design scheme from a bunch of pictures about as big as a pinhead, with no chance of seeing a fullscreen version. Thus it is probably impossible to get the best choice first time round. Nice one!

Hmm…I had other stuff to say when I decided to set this up, but most of it has currently gone out of my head. I guess that I'll post a couple more times today, as I remember stuff

Oh, and if anyone out there doesn't think this is cool then they need their head examined. Or something.

Anyone else think the image uploader is overly complex? Heh, and it loses the pic when I fire it up for the second time. Random.

"Insert image
You can insert an image from these places:

Your galleries/images

Upload a new image
Upload an image
Insert an image from the web"

Butbut! I should have one in there now! Where is it? Anyone?

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