May 24, 2005

The End of all Things

By which I mean exams. Ever. Done. My degree is finished!
Except for a very delayed project Viva on the 31st, but I'm hoping if I ignore it it will go away

After the Magnetic Properties of Solids/NMR exam this morning (otherwise know as "Roadkill", "What the HELL was that?" and "The worst 3 hours of my life"), my predictions for the year are as follows:

Artificial Intelligence: 75
Solid State Physics: 75
Physics in Medicine: 70
Computer Graphics: 67
Final Year Project: 65
Introduction Nuclei and Elementary Particles: 65
Scientific Method: 65
The Weather and the Environment: 60
Magnetic Properties of Solids: 45
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance: 45

Actual marks will be provided on Results Day The Day of Terror for those interested bored enough to look in this general direction.

This gives me 64.625% for the year, and 64.425% for my degree - a nice mid-2:1.

Odd to think that my first two years (70.8 and 61.9% respectively) might as well not have counted, but that's how the maths goes…

Anyway. Now I can reclaim my life and never set foot in the library again.


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  1. well done simon – looking good :p

    24 May 2005, 19:39

  2. out of curiosity… when are you expecting results?

    24 May 2005, 19:41

  3. Mathew Mannion

    June 22nd for CompSci's, assuming Simon's are the same… Second/First years get it about a week later.

    24 May 2005, 22:35

  4. Great, at least I'll know whether I've failed my degree because of ToDB before I go for my internship!

    24 May 2005, 22:45

  5. ToDB?

    22nd June sounds good to me. I didn't know but I'd assume all third year results come out on the same day (or couple of days maybe)

    24 May 2005, 22:50

  6. 22nd June!! Holy crap – I only finish on the 17th, so they have about 5 days plus another week since I am second year… 12 days to mark our papers!!

    I hate people who have finished. Therefore I hate you.

    24 May 2005, 23:05

  7. ToDB = Theory of Databases
    For anyone contemplating doing it next year, Don't try to learn the course in two days (and nights). It just doesn't work.

    26 May 2005, 05:18

  8. James

    Congratulations. Now you just have to worry about what to do with the rest of your life, and how you're going to finance it which, lets face it, will be a cinch in comparison. Btw when are you going home?

    26 May 2005, 23:41

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