December 14, 2004

The Best PC Games EVAAR

  1. Deus Ex
  2. Baldur's Gate 2
  3. Morrowind
  4. Half Life 2
  5. Championship Manager (01/02 or 03/04 in particular)
  6. Unreal Tournament
  7. Unreal Tournament 2004
  8. Ultima Underworld 2
  9. Worms United
  10. Call of Duty
  11. Splinter Cell
  12. Dungeon Keeper
  13. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
  14. Max Payne
  15. Prince of Persia: Sands of Time
  16. Freelancer
  17. Beyond Good and Evil
  18. Lemmings 2: The Tribes
  19. Command and Conquer: Red Alert
  20. Civilisation

Note: No Total War games (although Rome nearly made it). No FF games. NO EA GAMES WHATSOEVER. No Half Life.

List subject to change due to nostalgia. Terms and Conditions apply. No purchase necessary. See back of box for details. This list is regulated and controlled by the laws of Botswana.

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  1. And where is Planescape: Torment?

    I also think you overrate the pretty, but decidedly souless Morrowind.

    14 Dec 2004, 01:11

  2. Far too many poor games in that list.

    Morrowind was fun, but a bit lacking overall.

    BG2 > Deus Ex, easily.

    Knights of the Old Republic was overrated.

    Your list gets a B-

    14 Dec 2004, 01:29

  3. No room for Counterstrike?

    I'd personally also find a place for Planescape, Thief 2, Europa Universalis 2 and Daggerfall.

    14 Dec 2004, 03:32

  4. Counterstrike could go on the worst games list I suppose :p

    14 Dec 2004, 03:48

  5. James Taylor

    And this is the problem with 'the best games' reviews.. everyone has a different opinion. I for one am rather partial to a few rounds of Counterstrike :)

    14 Dec 2004, 09:14

  6. Well the list is obviously limited to those games i have played. And while I have played many, MANY games, I have not played them all. Planescape in particular is one I have missed (much to my shame).

    @ Sam: Morrowind is souless? Pfff…not in a million years

    @ Andy: No. Deus Ex is/was fantastic and inovative in a way that very few games have ever been. While BG2 is also EXTREMELY good, it didn't do anything truly new. Also, KotOR was great fun :-P

    @ Anyone who likes CS: Grow up and get a new game.

    14 Dec 2004, 14:18

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