December 19, 2004

Some stuff about me

It has come to my attention that none of you actually know anything about me, and, while I am happy to keep things like this, I don't like being slandered ;-)

So here's some facts:

  • I do not moan all the time.
  • I play guitar, but only in my own room. No, I don't suck, but I get nervous playing in front of people. Whatever…
  • I don't sing unless absolutely sure no one else can hear. I recorded myself once and the results weren't pretty.
  • I play lots and lots and lots of computer games. I also review them occasionally for the Boar. (Plug!)
  • I do, much to my suprise, have some friends. Somewhere.
  • I play lots of badminton and am very good. I am on the uni's (second) team, so this is obviously not a lie. (Trying to come up with a modest way of saying that and failing.)
  • I don't do any work unless there is someone standing over me with a cattle-prod. Sorry, I mean a deadline. This is in order to facilitate my huge computer game and badminton habbits.
  • I am not the most immature person I know. In fact, I know two people who are more immature than me. This may suprise anyone who meets me.
  • I am quite possibly the Antichrist, as there was an eclipse of the moon and earthquakes in England on the day I was born. Having met other people who share my birthday however, I can't help wondering if it isn't one of them instead.
  • Any interest I had for physics on starting uni has been drained away by doing nothing but applied maths for the entire course.
  • I am generally apathetic, have no direction in life, no career in mind. I do, however, know the things that I don't want to do. Which includes almost everything.

I think that's enough for now, don't you?

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  1. You're also desperate for sex and obsessively clean.

    19 Dec 2004, 00:26

  2. Mathew Mannion

    I don't usually sing unless I'm sure nobody can hear, but I was singing very loudly to The Ordinary Boys the other day when my housemate was at work, and had to cut myself off mid-line when I heard the door shut. He said it sounded amusing.

    I am the most immature person I know.

    19 Dec 2004, 00:26

  3. Mathew Mannion

    Yes, you're sexually frustrated and dirt-phobic, we've established that.

    19 Dec 2004, 00:26

  4. Do you like Pie?

    19 Dec 2004, 00:29

  5. 3.14 is ok but I prefer e.

    19 Dec 2004, 00:33

  6. @ Andy: depends what kind. Grandma's Apple Pie…oh god yes. Meat pies, no

    I will refrain from replying to those people who have decided to take the morale low-ground :P

    19 Dec 2004, 00:34

  7. Mathew Mannion

    We've seen you in Big Blogger, the truth is out

    19 Dec 2004, 02:17

  8. Woah, another Boar person! I wondered if there was anyone from there on here. And guitar eh? Anyone wanna be singer or drummer in a blog band cos I'm a bassist?

    19 Dec 2004, 23:10

  9. Elly

    holly: doesn't seem like a lot of the boarites blog. I only know of one other I found through Simon's faves, at Eclectic—the production editor I beleive. if you know any others do let us kno!

    simon: when is your birthday? were you actually born during an eclipse?

    19 Dec 2004, 23:45

  10. Mathew Mannion

    Holly… We've actually talking seriously about a band (which, sadly, consists of all bloggers) and need a bassist… Intruiging.

    20 Dec 2004, 00:04

  11. Elly: Yes, Miss Eclectic is the former production editor, now just news editor. I think. Can't quite remember atm.

    My birthday is a state secret. Get "The Year I Was Born 1984" and look through May…

    20 Dec 2004, 00:24

  12. News Sub Editor, I'll have you know.

    Sub doesn't mean I'm less of an Editor, by the way.

    20 Dec 2004, 00:35

  13. Just trying to make you look good ya know :-P

    20 Dec 2004, 00:47

  14. Meh, the News Sub Editor is still a more important job than the Graphics Editor. I don't even have a deputy to make my tea :(

    20 Dec 2004, 01:07

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