June 06, 2006

Signing Off

This will be my final entry here. WGA membership is coming up for renewal and I won't be continuing it, so I guess this'll be closed down. I know I haven't written..well..practically anything here over the last year, but starting this thing in the first place was definitely a good idea.

Anyone who wants to continue reading my crazy, and often unintelligible ranting, please feel free to visit www.fractured-reality.co.uk, where I now live (electronically speaking).

To everyone else, goodbye. I hope you enjoy and make use of this rather excellent platform (or maybe soapbox would be more accurate) that Warwick has provided.

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  1. It was great to blog with you.

    06 Jun 2006, 21:17

  2. Indeed, what Luke said too Simon.

    Cheers for the heads up on your future residence.

    [Soul Calibur] THE LEGEND WILL NEVER DIE [/Soul Calibur]

    Keep gaming, mofo!

    10 Jun 2006, 18:32

  3. Oh I will, have no fear ;–) I'm currently playing PES5, and lacking anything approaching ability at it.

    10 Jun 2006, 21:14

  4. LOL

    16 Feb 2007, 21:56

  5. Simon Brent

    Goddamit. Spam I can’t delete :-(

    16 Feb 2007, 23:02

  6. Handsome Dan

    You need to delete the confic.inc file :) (I think)

    21 May 2007, 18:19

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    22 Jun 2007, 15:55

  8. 25 Jun 2007, 17:04

  9. Simon Brent

    Indeed. What the hell kind of spam is that anyway :-S

    25 Jun 2007, 19:20

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