January 27, 2005

Inductive reasoning at its best

From my experience, I am putting forward the theory that:

It is impossible to get Ben and Jerry's Phish Food out of a tub without covering your hands or the outside of the tub in chocolatey goodness.

Why the outside of the tub? I have no idea. Empirical evidence just shows that it has always happened in the past.

Oh god…philosophy/logic overload

/Passes out

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  1. Sarah Cooper

    It's so true! How does it happen?

    Try getting your head round some liar paradoxes, now they to serious overload issues!

    27 Jan 2005, 22:48

  2. It's even more difficult if you've left the tub out of the freezer for a number of hours before attempting to eat said product.

    28 Jan 2005, 01:18

  3. Didn't Hume put forward the whole Ben and Jerry's theis? :P

    (Was your Israel visit tour? That's a random unconnected thought from reading your blog)

    31 Jan 2005, 01:34

  4. One of the visits was tour. I've been about 6 times though.

    31 Jan 2005, 09:42

  5. Ah ok. Btw, I think you live in my building. Just thought I'd share that

    01 Feb 2005, 23:02

  6. Really? And where is that then? Don't recognise you from your pictures…

    02 Feb 2005, 01:24

  7. Eek, now I feel like a stalker. Tocil; I'm flat 46, so whatever demonination the building is overall. Your face looks familiar, at least..Not that most on campus don't, though.

    02 Feb 2005, 02:11

  8. Aha! One floor up. Hi!

    02 Feb 2005, 09:32

  9. Waves

    02 Feb 2005, 13:18

  10. Oh, and p.s. That's 3 (North?) London Jews in one building. Weird

    03 Feb 2005, 00:34

  11. Hehe. Well, not quite north I'm afraid :-(
    What are the odds? I went to King Solomon High School (which should mean something to you) and I think I am their only former student currently at Warwick.

    03 Feb 2005, 02:13

  12. It sounds familiar…I think…And I'm NW London..But near enough

    03 Feb 2005, 02:23

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