November 30, 2004

Hello and welcome…

Well well. It seems I have become bored enough (or at least desperate for displacement activities enough) to start up one of these things. I am, however utterly convinced that no one will read this, other than (possibly) those who I explicitly tell about it – so comment and prove me wrong. Feeeeed the ego :-)

First off I would like to say that the setup system for these things is slightly wierd – namely that you have to choose the design scheme from a bunch of pictures about as big as a pinhead, with no chance of seeing a fullscreen version. Thus it is probably impossible to get the best choice first time round. Nice one!

Hmm…I had other stuff to say when I decided to set this up, but most of it has currently gone out of my head. I guess that I'll post a couple more times today, as I remember stuff

Oh, and if anyone out there doesn't think this is cool then they need their head examined. Or something.

Anyone else think the image uploader is overly complex? Heh, and it loses the pic when I fire it up for the second time. Random.

"Insert image
You can insert an image from these places:

Your galleries/images

Upload a new image
Upload an image
Insert an image from the web"

Butbut! I should have one in there now! Where is it? Anyone?

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  1. David King

    What have you been doing to that little malnourished ego of yours?

    30 Nov 2004, 13:24

  2. Oooo excellent :)

    My ego is fed. ON YOUR SOUL!! :-D

    30 Nov 2004, 13:41

  3. You can have a comment, but I'm afraid I have no soul to feed on.

    30 Nov 2004, 13:42

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