December 01, 2004

Films films films! (Winning the award for Saddest Things You Ever Saw)

[Last updated on 23/12/05]

So I got bored one day and decided to compile a list of my top fifty (yes, FIFTY) films. It is obviously rather changeable, but here it is regardless. Come one, come all, come take the piss!

[Note: I wanted to do this in 2 columns, but it seems that tabs and even double spaces are unsupported by this system. Awesome. Now everyone will have to scroll. Don't blame me for your RSI.]

  1. Shawshank Redemption
  2. Pulp Fiction
  3. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
  4. Leon
  5. Memento
  6. The Matrix
  7. Gladiator
  8. The Usual Suspects
  9. LA Confidential
  10. Fight Club
  11. Garden State
  12. Amélie
  13. Fifth Element
  14. Enemy at the Gates
  15. American Beauty
  16. Schindler's List
  17. Shrek
  18. Shakespeare in Love
  19. Ocean's 11
  20. The Butterfly Effect
  21. High Fidelity
  22. Clerks
  23. Desperado
  24. Mallrats
  25. A Beautiful Mind
  26. True Romance
  27. Dogma
  28. Serenity
  29. The Negotiator
  30. House of Flying Daggers
  31. Star Wars Trilogy
  32. Minority Report
  33. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  34. Lost in Translation
  35. Equilibrium
  36. Shrek 2
  37. Million Dollar Baby
  38. Blade Runner
  39. 12 Monkeys
  40. Donnie Darko
  41. Seven
  42. Good Will Hunting
  43. Batman Begins
  44. eXistenZ
  45. Lord of the Rings Trilogy
  46. Reservoir Dogs
  47. Kingdom of Heaven
  48. The Rock
  49. Face/Off
  50. Finding Nemo

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  1. I just didn't appreciate Blade Runner as a film. Great idea, reeeeaaally crap film.

    01 Dec 2004, 23:57

  2. p.s. I'll be the judge of who wins what awards on these blogs Simon! ("")

    01 Dec 2004, 23:59

  3. how exactly did The Rock beat Dances with Wolves????? oh dear oh dear

    02 Dec 2004, 00:01

  4. Your "best"! Losers always whine about their best. Winners go home and fuck the prom queen.

    Yes. Perfectly okay, you fucking idiot.

    That's how. Sometimes we need the simpler, less intelligent, more explosive-packed things in life ;)

    02 Dec 2004, 01:05

  5. Lewis Henson

    Where the hell is the Back to the Future trilogy?!?! :-P

    02 Dec 2004, 01:57

  6. You forgot The Italian Job. There can be no excuse for its omission.

    02 Dec 2004, 10:43

  7. I didn't forget it, I just don't rate it that highly.
    Similarly with Back to the Future. It's amusingly silly but not good enough to get on my list.

    hmm…I see Pirates at 50…oh well…it'll be gone as soon as I get round to watching Se7en or Donnie Darko. Actually it should be gone already, cos of Eternal Sunshine, but what the hell…

    02 Dec 2004, 15:18

  8. Hmmm clearly Blade Runner isn't a bad film. It is certainly considerably better than Equilibrium, which was totally laughable, a pitiful mish-mash of Orwell and the Matrix, with a dire plot, and sadly some equally poor performances from actors who should know better, e.g. Christian Bale and Sean Bean.

    02 Dec 2004, 16:57

  9. Rob

    Dude, you're a finalist. Go do some sodding work already!

    02 Dec 2004, 17:44

  10. @ Benjamin: Yes it is, but its silly and has good action sequences. And as I pointed out with The Rock, sometimes I prefer that kind of thing. Bladerunner, while very good is just a little too incoherent for my liking.

    @ Rob: Ta. Whatever would I do without you? (Probably "Not go skiing this year" is an appropriate answer to that.)

    02 Dec 2004, 18:21

  11. Rob

    Precisely. So go get some work done so you can come skiing :) (Btw to all the rest of you bloggers i am on my year out in France teaching English a massive 12/14 hours a week in a lycee and attempting to fill the entire rest of my time with snow-based or bar-based activities. Sucess so far = pretty good.)

    04 Dec 2004, 12:37

  12. :-P So start a blog telling everyone how much of a male whore you are then


    04 Dec 2004, 12:57

  13. Rosie

    ur all neeks get a life :|

    23 Jul 2005, 09:24

  14. A what now?

    Incidentally, while we may be neeks, at least we can spell and type :-P

    23 Jul 2005, 14:19

  15. Filmaholic

    I can't believe the godfather is not up there. Probably the greatest film ever made.

    23 Dec 2005, 00:47

  16. At the time I wrote this list I hadn't seen it. I have now, but it's still not there because it is incredibly boring. So there.

    23 Dec 2005, 01:52

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