December 28, 2004

A Warwick Blogs Lamentation

Today I have chosen to complain about the state of Warwick Blogs. It seems to me that many blog entries fall under 5 categories:

  1. Amusing but totally insincere
  2. Mad rants about unlikely subjects
  3. Not of interest to anyone other than the author and possibly some people involved
  4. Chinese
  5. Pictionary

It is, in fact, the first of these that is beginning to get on my nerves. Which is odd, because I generally prefer to read funny stuff to anything else, but sometimes I've just found myself getting annoyed by the total lack of meaningful content.

Personally, I have been searching for some happy medium, a Blogtopia, if you will. I know I have yet to find it.

On a seperate note, my power supply is fine. It was just a loose bolt making the buzzing noise.

See? I'm guilty of point 3 as much as anyone else ;-)

Blogtopia, like Blogjam, is now copyright by me. The same terms and conditions apply to its use. See Midnight Blogging for details.

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  1. I actually agree 100%. Which is why I started to draw a few real pictures instead of just joke doodles. What's actually really annoying is when the funny posts are about subjects which you have a genuine interest in reading someone's real perspective on. I'd honestly prefer it if people blogged less but more thoughtfully.

    28 Dec 2004, 21:40

  2. Mathew Mannion

    Don't worry, I'm giving up making funny entries and sticking to #3 from now on.

    28 Dec 2004, 21:49

  3. Mathew Mannion

    Oh, and BlogJam is one of the most popular blogs on the net. A recent post got 1042 comments and counting…

    28 Dec 2004, 21:51

  4. It's hard to write blogs which cater for all, I very rarely write funny as I am useless at it, most of my entries fall into the third category. Oh well.

    28 Dec 2004, 22:00

  5. Is this the end of the era for the funny? Will we now drown in a sea of angst? Find out next week…

    28 Dec 2004, 22:00

  6. @ 3. Damn.

    28 Dec 2004, 22:23

  7. Actually, I know of a blog which is was of continually high and interesting standard. To know it exists and to know I can never achieve it is more annoying than not knowing.

    Ah well, I guess I'll have to settle for the mediocrity I find myself in.


    28 Dec 2004, 22:27

  8. I find it a bit unfortunate that Dan assumes more serious posts automatically means more angst. You can be serious, interesting, non-angsty and witty all at the same time. Thoughtful posts with an edge of funny are the most interesting, i've given up reading the funny blogs now because they're all the same.

    28 Dec 2004, 22:51

  9. I do not assume such things Sir Ingram. I'm a great fan of serious posts. I'm also a great fan of funny posts, I think you'll find that if you look hard enough in all of my best posts there is a serious point buried in there.

    I've tracked back this entry to clear things up. I think its a good entry and worth reading.

    28 Dec 2004, 23:38

  10. I might frame it.

    28 Dec 2004, 23:59

  11. Reading this post has made me want to stop blogging…

    29 Dec 2004, 01:13

  12. but then I would win.

    29 Dec 2004, 01:14

  13. Enough of this crazy talk, people, keep the faith. Term is almost upon us and we'll all need things to distract us from all the work we've left to the last minute. Blogs are on their way back up.

    29 Dec 2004, 01:33

  14. I'm not saying this to upset anyone, or because I want them to stop blogging. Its just that occasionally I feel the guy whose blog is named "Void of Content" (sorry, I can't remember your name/be bothered to look it up atm) may just have a point

    29 Dec 2004, 01:54

  15. what do you mean by content?

    29 Dec 2004, 11:10

  16. hmm….stuff based at least partially in reality perhaps? ;-)

    29 Dec 2004, 13:20

  17. While I was inclined to agree at first, it stuck me that perhaps it doesn't matter if blogs daren't touch 'meaningful content' with a barge pole. Maybe meaningful content is what real conversation (gasp) is for?!

    29 Dec 2004, 14:02

  18. Bloggers aren't allowed real conversation; not with real people, anyway.

    29 Dec 2004, 15:48

  19. What about real conversations with imaginary people? They're probably even more deep and meaningful.

    29 Dec 2004, 16:17

  20. What is reality?

    29 Dec 2004, 17:41

  21. A dimension with restricted access. I warned them not to give you the password.

    29 Dec 2004, 17:49

  22. I'm very persuasive, though I must say I'm very disappointed in this 'reality'.

    29 Dec 2004, 17:55

  23. If they followed my instructions, they gave you the password to the dimension of fatal dullness instead. We are probably coming dangerously close to Simon's #2. I'm bolting before he gets distressed. I try to be meaningful, honest!

    29 Dec 2004, 18:08

  24. I wouldn't advise going anywhere near Simon's Number 2's.

    29 Dec 2004, 18:14

  25. Hmm I have returned, and am slightly annoyed. Keep your filthy philosophy off my blog Lawrence! ;-)

    Oh, and after my recent string of posts, I would like to add a fifth category. See above for details

    29 Dec 2004, 19:55

  26. I'm socially inept and am completely incapable of opening up in person, therefore a blog is perfect for such topics.

    29 Dec 2004, 21:58

  27. I'm not a real person, I'm a malfunction in the internet.

    30 Dec 2004, 01:45

  28. It seems the secret to having a comment-filled blog is to generally slag other people off. How odd.

    /Stores this in long term memory for future use

    30 Dec 2004, 01:51

  29. I respond well to baiting.

    30 Dec 2004, 11:36

  30. Blogjam Fan


    You should choose better who to pick a fight with.
    And have the decency not to cancel comments
    about your risible claim of copyright. Can't you take
    it? Bah, little boy.

    09 Jan 2005, 04:25

  31. Ok, I'm leaving this one up to prove how much of a dumb idiot you are. Ever heard of a JOKE numbnuts?

    09 Jan 2005, 09:38

  32. Randy Vanwarmer

    Nice comeback. Clever. Impressive use if capitals.

    Of course it's a joke. As is the post at blogjam, quite obviously.

    But it's interesting that you choose to display only those responses that you can mock and delete the rest. A sense of humour only goes so far, I guess.

    09 Jan 2005, 10:56

  33. As is the post at blogjam, quite obviously

    Then why have so many people been spamming me?

    09 Jan 2005, 14:33

  34. fritx

    I'm not from blogjam the Spelling Troll sent me. Copyright is the word you want innit?

    27 Jan 2005, 00:09

  35. Jeez…how did no one notice that before? Oops.

    27 Jan 2005, 09:43

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