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December 22, 2004

Top 10 Music

These are my favourite tracks of the year. Bear in mind that most of them probably weren't released this year, just discovered by myself for the first time. (This is limited to one song per band, because I'm like that…)

  1. Winter - Joshua Radin
  2. First Night - Tammany Hall
  3. Konstantine - Something Corporate
  4. The Metre - Powderfinger
  5. Come Around - Rhett Miller
  6. Gold In Them Hills – Coldplay
  7. Hear You Me - Jimmy Eat World
  8. Move On - Jet
  9. New Slang - The Shins
  10. Glorious Day - Embrace

Hopefully those links all work. Being on dialup I am disinclined to test them all right now. Shout at me if some of them are broken (or, even better, do the leg-work yourself).

[Edit: No, Amazon doesn't seem to like doing direct links like that. You'll have to scroll and find the track for those links. Shock, horror]

[Edit 2: Or you could copy the shortcut and paste it into a new browser. That seems to work :-S]

Also, here are my favourite albums I discovered this year:

  1. Back in the Bottle – Tammany Hall
  2. Bleed American – Jimmy Eat World
  3. North – Something Corporate
  4. Touch Wood – Antonio Forcione
  5. Odyssey #5 – Powderfinger
  6. Out of Nothing – Embrace
  7. The Instigator – Rhett Miller
  8. Oh, Inverted World – The Shins
  9. A Rush of B-Sides to the Head – Coldplay
  10. Steve O – Steve O'Reilly (Tammany Hall)

The actual number of tracks by Tammany Hall that I really like is HUGE, and I would be happy to give recommendations if anyone bothers to read this and respond. While most of Back in the Bottle is available to download from their own website, I still bought it, as they are a very good, unknown band, and because it was only about $12 including postage from the US. ;-)
(By the way, I came across Joshua Radin, Tammany Hall and Rhett Miller while watching that most awesome of TV shows, Scrubs.)

The French Army

Thanks to Stefan for this (if you ever actually read this that is).

Go to Google and type in "french military victories", then hit "I'm feeling lucky".


(For further amusement, click on the link that comes up after that.)

The Jack Bauer Interrogation Method

Does repeatedly shouting the same question (in a slightly louder voice each time) actually work for getting answers out of people?
A reality check is needed methinks.

You know you're watching a great film when…

I'm currently (ie as I type) watching Gladiator for what is probably the 7th time. And it still gives me tingles. If this is not a sign of true greatness, I don't know what is.

On a different note, sitting here in the dark I have noticed that the finish on my mouse has worn away so much that I can see the red light shining through the top of it. I want a logitech MX 510, but I can't bring myself to spend £25 on a mouse, particluarly not when it would be replacing something that is fully functional.

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