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December 20, 2004

The 2004 Awards Ceremony of the Year Award

And the winners are...

The WTF? Award for Randomness:

Chef Brian
Scrubs 408
Half Life 2 Death Match

The Terry Pratchett Award for Awesomeness:

Garden State
House of Flying Daggers
Half Life 2
Antonio Forcione
Tammany Hall

The Scrubs Award for Hilarity:

Dave Gorman's Googlewhack Adventure
Shrek 2
The Incredibles

The EA Award for Unrewarding Superficiality:

Need For Speed Underground 2
Kill Bill
Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

The Michael Moore Award for Big Fat Liars:

Michael Moore (Faranheit 9/11)
Dan Brown (Presenting fiction as Fact)
Mark Thomas (Nazi Coca-Cola)
George W. Bush (Just Because)

The Championship Manager Award for Life-Wasting:

Championship Manager 03/04
Football Manager 2005
Final Year Project
2nd Year ISE Project

The Dialup Award for Annoyances:

Passport Renewal Forms
Commuting to University
9am Lectures
Travel West-Midlands and Stagecoach
Dialup Internet
Physics Labs
Warwick Hostility

The Ohnosecond Award for Extreme Stupidity:

Ron Atkinson
Robert Kilroy-Silk
David Blunkett
American Voting Instincts

The Satan Life-Time Achievement Award for Continuing Evilness:

Electronic Arts

Shortlist are in no particular order, except for the winners in bold

More Answers

Writing about an entry you don't have permission to view

Number 1 Why did I bother to write number before the 1, given that it is very obvious to all that "1" is a number?

Because you are a fool?

2 What is the most keyboard-shaped thing that you brought with you to university?

My panoramic pictures of the alps

3 Would you centralize all industry, and replace the pound with chicken feet?


4 Whose brain would you most like to eat? Why?

The CEO of EA Games. Because then he would be dead.

5 What have you found that you'd most like to throw at Elton John?

Some mouldy steak in the back of the fridge. Actually, I'd just throw the fridge.

6 What's your favourite shade of yellow?

I don't like yellow. I much prefer Burnt Hombré and Gan Green.

7 If you had the power, would you eradicate poverty from the world with a few nukes to certain countries?

No. I'd irradicate a few countries, but not necessarily the poorest ones...

8 What are some things that make people nervous around you?

I rant about insignificant things in a loud voice...

9 What's the best thing you've ever eaten? (this one was too good to change)

Hmmm...Grandma's Apple Pie is pretty high on the list, as is anything bought in the Fugde Shop in Cambridge. Oh, and there was this strawberry milkshake once with whole strawberries and about a foot of cream on top :-D

10 What is your favourite Emu's name? What about Coyotes?

I keep an emu called Erik locked up in my cupboard. I don't have a coyote, but if I did he would obviously be called either Wiley or Stupid Retard

11 Why oh why did you choose the course you're studying?

I have absolutely NO idea. Let me start again and do chemistry or something...

12 What's on the walls in your room? Why? (again, needed no changing)

My panoramic pictures of the alps. Because they are awesome.

13 Why does Mathew Mannion's blog page slow my computer down to snail's pace? Anyone??

Because he is 13373|^ 7|-|4|\| */0U.

14 Which body part of your friends would you most like to own?

Rachel's brain. It's the only one I know that is considerably and obviously more intelligent than my own. She can keep the Pun Generation Centre though.

15 And which would you most like to destroy?

Um. Nothing instantly comes to mind, amazingly enough

16 Who's funnier – Pontius Pilate or Josef Stalin?

Ben Affleck

17 Have you ever won a trophy? If so, why are you blogging? Do you have a personality defect? Or have you been struck with a crippling disease?

Yes. Because I am very bored and need food for my Ego. Probably. No.

18 I'm getting tired of writing these questions. Umm … ?

And I'm getting tired of these answers...

19 If you won £5 million, how much do I stand to gain?

Nothing. Its mine, all MINE. /Shuffles about laughing manically

20 What is your favourite time of day, to the nearest minute? Why?

10:30am, because I am usually still in bed.

21 What is the best place to live – Jupiter, a snake-pit, or Swindon?

Probably Swindon, but only just. Its a case of instant death, being eaten alive or living in a dump. can't be worse than Cov. Can it?

22 List your top ten tips for a budding power blogger without using the words "blog", "the" or "blood"


Midnight Blogging

Oh yes! Another blog about blogging. Obviously I just have nothing going on in my life at the moment. Hooray for holidays :-S

I can't help noticing the trend of the 2 hour BLOGJAM between 11pm and 1am. Everyone suddenly starts writing entries and comments during this time. Do we have nothing better to do? Like, I don't know…sleep, read, watch mind-numbing TV shows?

Anyway, thats me done for now. Just a few more comments to post…

Blogjam is now an official term copyrighted by myself. Any use of said term will result in a lawsuit, unless accompanied by a link back to my blog. And I don't care that someone else has a blog called that already.

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