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May 17, 2005

I can't resist this

Writing about an entry you don't have permission to view

Last film I saw at the cinema
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy – No where near the genius of the radio series or the books (and yes, the radio series is better). Funny in places and Martin Freedman did a good job, but Mos Def (or is it Deaf?) was horribly miscast ("I'm not from Guilford" – ya THINK?) and not even Stephen Fry can replace the great Peter Jones. The dolphin song has hideous. Oh yeh, and it missed the mayor point – that is all the great lines from The Book – about the Babelfish and the non-existence of God, the origins of the universe…etc. Some of the buildups were there but most of the punchlines were missing. It could have been half an hour longer to include some of these and be greatly improved

Last film I watched on DVD/Computer/TV etc
It's been a while, what with revision and all…possibly Heat.

Film I am most looking forward to seeing
Sin City – looks jaw-droppingly fantastic. Also Revenge of the Sith for want of closure and to prove that I was right to be skeptical of all the drooling fanboys. That means you David.

Total Number of films I own
Lots. I can't be bothered to count.

Five films that mean something to me

Shawshank Redemption – The greatest film of all time. Grueling for 2.5 hours, but then the biggest emotional lift any film has ever delivered. The opera seen is truly beautiful, and I could listen to Morgan Freeman talk for ever.

Garden State – An journey of emotional growth which spoke to me a great deal on first watching. It has only got better with repetitions. And to quote Tom "And Natalie Portman is in it".

Schindler's List – The reasons for this should be obvious. I don't ever want to sit through it again though – too emotionally traumatising.

Léon – Another fantastic and unlikely emotional journey. If someone told me "it's about a hitman and a little girl" I probably wouldn't even bother – I think it has to be seen to be appreciated for the wonderful acting from, yes, Natalie Portman, if nothing else. That was her first film? Unbelievable.

Memento – Probably the cleverest (if there is such a word) construction of a film ever. When it finished I sat with my mouth open for about 5 minutes, and realisation and understanding dawned. I challenge anyone to come up with a film with a better twist, if it can truly be called that, and yes, I'm including Usual Suspects, Fight Club and LA Confidential. (If anyone mentions Sixth Sense they obviously weren't paying attention during the film – the ending is obvious.)

I saw YOU!

Today I saw Holly, Sarah (and the other Sarah Cooper too...there are only two in the uni - I checked - what are the odds?), and possibly Mia, although that was a long distance sighting so I can't be sure. Oh, and Rachel and Alan too, but they don't count cos they know who I am.

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