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June 10, 2005


Follow-up to Why doesn't anything ever go smoothly? from The random scribblings of a diseased imagination

Right, so.
£300 of computer upgrades.
Installed in case.
Turn on power – nothing but some motherboard beeps. No help from the internet, no one knows why. Tested different RAM, took all the PCI cards out etc…everything you can think of. No change.

So tonight I got bored and decided hey, I need the internet. So I rebuilt my old system. It is currently sitting on a plate on my desk, not inside the case. Wasn't going to fiddle with that again. The upshot is that I discover my PSU is fried. The thing is only 2 months old and I don't have another one compatible with the new motherboard.
To make matters worse, I didn't buy that PSU. I asked someone on campus to get it for me, as he had an account with the website that sold it already. So now I have to get him to sort warranty stuff out for me.


(Pictures of my struggle will follow when the new system is operational. When, not if.)

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