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December 05, 2004

iTunes is EVIL

Ok, here's the deal:

It installs Quicktime, and there is no way to stop it. Quicktime is evil (of this there can be no doubt – any program that is THAT hard to stop running on Windows startup MUST be evil).

It creates an iPod folder in the Program Files directory. I'm sorry? Just because I'm using iTunes doesn't mean i own an iPod. Surely you could have consulted me about this before creating it? Some simple install options would have been nice.

It's default music storing directory is in My Documents\My Music\iTunes. I didn't ask for this. In fact, I didn't even install iTunes on the same DRIVE as this.

It makes itself the default player for music without asking you. Since when is that polite?

When I uninstalled Quicktime (straight after iTunes install finished), iTunes wouldn't run. Thankfully Quicktime Alternative (a lovely lovely codec that allows you to play Quicktime media without having to HAVE Quicktime) fixes this problem. (After a reinstall – as Quicktime killed THAT when I uninstalled it.)

It automatically creates a quicklaunch icon, and appears on the taskbar when active. No. Go away.

And the crowning glory? IT DOESN'T HAVE A STOP BUTTON!

Now, most of these annoyances can be fixed in a few minutes by fiddling with the preferences, but that's not the point. The point is it's nice to be consulted about these things first.
So why am I using it? One reason and one reason only. Converting .m4a files to .mp3. More evilness…
(I know, there are free programs that do this, but I've used every one I can find till passed its free trail period).
I've heard various rumours about general badness about the file naming and library system too, but I won't worry about them because I use MusicMatch for that, and it is clearly superior.

Prince of Persia: Warrior Within – Instant impression

After playing Sands of Time last year, and loving it, I have really been looking forward to this sequel. Unfortunately the reviews were not amazingly positive, and, despite having barely played 10 minutes yet – not even completed the first section – I find myself sadly agreeing.

The game plunges you straight from a long and rather dull cut-scene into the midst of a battle on a ship. It's as if the game is instantly shouting "look what I can do with decapitation" at you.

Anyone who enjoyed the spacious, well lit environments of Sands of Time will be instantly disappointed. The graphics are dark, gritty and bloody. Also, (and I fervently hope this is only the case at the start) the camera angle is fixed, and is closer in and more side-on to the Prince than I would like. This occasionally forces you into combat with enemies you cannot see, and one time stuck a pillar in the centre of my screen, while I was trying to fight the first boss.

Ah yes, the first boss. /Sigh. For a start, she is a thong-wearing, leather-clad devil-woman. Oh how very grown up. Secondly, I canít beat her. And when you die, the game only allows you to start again from a point 3 minutes (or so) previous to the boss fight in gaming time. Most annoying. Of course, if you quit the game out of frustration, the lack of save-points in this first section means you have to play the whole thing through again, including watching that unskippable cut-scene. This is Not my idea of fun.

More thoughts to come. Iím sure thereís a game in here somewhere, once I can get passed this first section. The question Iím asking myself at the moment though, is ďWhy should I bother?Ē

[This is Warrior Within being played on the PC, as I did for Sands of Time. Oh, and don't criticise the writing. Its messy and nasty, but I had to write all the annoyances down asap, before I forgot what I wanted to say. :P]

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