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April 04, 2005

Someone please stop the geekery!

So in summary, our lecturer is a level 15 dark mage who has cast Contextually Challenged Notes (drains 10 from INT score, induces fatigue and level-drain/reduce XP) on us, leaving us competely unprepared for and defenceless against the next boss - The Exam of Death - a level 20 demon dual-wielding the deadly Questions of Extreme Difficulty+5 (cast on strike: Fear and Horror for 30 minutes, no save).
In short, we are doomed to a long, painful and gruesome death, and will never recieve the Robes of Graduation (+3 bonus to INT) that we were promised as a reward for completing this quest. I want to take some time out and gain some XP through side-quests, but unfortunately I'm all out of Time Stop spells.


The Fires of Hell

Well it looks like I've had a few days off, mainly because I was cast into Hell by an avenging lecturer, via the spell of Contextually Challenged Notes (drains 10 from INT score, induces fatigue and level-drains you to the point where you have negative XP), and then the more conventional method of Gate and throwing my now sleeping form through it.

Anyway, I have returned, and to prove my word is true, here is what the sky looks like in Hell:

It boils I tell you…

Anyway, that was a very convoluted way of getting a nice picture, a bit of RPG geekery and a revision rant into a short post, but I think I managed it.

Back to beating my head into a pulp against whatever hard surface is most handy. Does anyone know a contract killer?

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