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December 02, 2004

Amusingly named things

So the term "Node of Ranvier" came up in a Physics in Medicine lecture, and i seem to recall it from AS Level PE

It occured to me that it sounds rather like something out of a MMORPG

"I'll buy your Node of Ranvier+10 for 5000 gold pieces"


stonedben casts Node of Ranvier level 12

Anyone with me on this? Anyone got any other suggestion? I'd guess that biology is going to have the most amusing sounding names for things…

Course Questionnaires – How they SHOULD be

Background material is where we know stuff before the course starts right? Nope. Never happened…

Disclaimer: This is a joke (well, mainly). I do not pick on any lecturers in particular. Honest.

Editing done using a digital camera, Photoshop, and yes, high production values...MS Paint.

Half Life 2 Deathmatch

The phrase everything but the kitchen sink has never been so inappropriate. Cos, you see, this is the game that allows you to use anything as a weapon, including tables, chairs, filing cabinets and, yes, you guessed it, kitchen sinks.

There's nothing quite like being shafted by a radiator to make you feel like your playing a really fun multiplayer game. Well, maybe there is (namely when YOU get to do the shafting in return).

I think there are some guns too, but, frankly, bludgeoning opponents to death with high speed household objects is just much more rewarding :D

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