November 01, 2005

Words which deserve being used more.

We've been thinking about words which have unfortunately stopped being used as much. So here are some words which I would urge my legions of devoted blog fans to start using them every day. But I don't think anyone actually reads this, so whatever;


Feel free to submit your own words for the Campaign for the Reintroduction of Awesome Phrases

October 27, 2005

The trouble with philosophy

[Disclaimer: this post has nothing to do with the book by Bertrand Russell]

The main problem with philosophy, is only philosophers understand the importance of philosophy. Which is difficult. It makes the whole enterprise difficult to justify to outsiders. But dammit, its so important. Sigh

Is "self-referential" referring to itself in the same way "noun", "word" and "adjectival" are? This is a question which messed with my brain all the way through my philosophy of logic seminar. As such, I learned very little.

We say JavierAramayona leaving the moorings today. Also, I've seen Dave Wood in the gym. But, of course, noone cares.

Those two warwick alumni I mentioned in my last post were Paul Anderson (directed Alien vs Predator) and Sting (of "the police" fame, appeared in quadrophenia). So there you go.

October 24, 2005

Who loves trivia?

(Dammit, now my new login in name doesnt recognise this blog as mine, so I have to log on with my old ID to make entries. Must sort that out…)

Anways, last year the WSC showed at least 2 films involving Warwick alumni. But who? Answers on a postcard… (or a comment) I shall reveal the answer… some time.

[don't just go to wikipedia and skim through the list of alumni there, that's cheating.]

October 18, 2005

Joint honours students get messed about

Well now. I am thouroughly confused. Last year, as a maths & philosophy student I was officially in the maths department, and that made sense, since I was doing 75% maths in first year. At the end of last year I filled out a form officially transferring me into the Philosophy department, as I was told to do so by… someone or other.
But, the maths department seem unwilling to let go. They have this year extended privileges to me unavailable to my maths/phys compadres (who are in the physics department). I have a personal tutor, my own pigeonhole, a supervisor… So, I assumed, I must still be in the maths department. But today I was told that my sign in name for the university services (which starts "ma" designating me as a maths student) will become invalid next month and I have to sign up for a new one (starting "py" for philosopy) If I am in the philosophy department, why have I had no contact whatsoever outside lecture hours. I had to pick all my module options blind. Going by the blurbs on the website. (Oh yeah, having only one core module sounds great, but in practice it makes picking your options a nightmare.)
Is this because there is confusion as to which department I am in, or is it just a complete lack of any kind of concern for students within the philosophy department?
I know, however bad I think I've got it, some PPE student will claim to have it worse, but this degree has been running for several times as long as PPE has at warwick so these are not teething troubles, these are issues which have been consistently ignored. Well I have a lecture to attend, so I will leave now. I'm sure I'll be back later to complain some more.

October 12, 2005

Dodgy Statistics

Writing about web page

This is an article, on the Reuters website, no less, which purports to show that Women know more about football than men. I'd like, if I may, to quote a bit of it:

However when it came to team strip, the men were way ahead. More than 80 percent of men could correctly identify the kits of the 20 Premiership teams compared to just 33 percent of women, the survey of 2,000 customers of sports bar Walkabout found.

Let me requote a small section of that, in case you missed it:

the survey of 2,000 customers of sports bar Walkabout

Because that's going to be a fair sample from which to generalise about the whole population. If a woman is in a sports bar either shes been dragged there by some boyfriend or somesuch, or she knows something about sport. In fact, anyone you meet in a sports bar is more than likely to have an above average sporting knowledge…


June 03, 2005

Another Good Day, wow…

First of all:

Five exams in six days? Nuts to you, I have 11 in 13. Do a hard subject.

I'm only a lowly first year. And I haven't met any other warwick first years with more exams than that in that space of time.

Second of all, I had another exam today (surprise surprise) and it went pretty well. A few iffy bits here and there, but on the whole, it went swimmingly. I am very pleased with myself. And now only 2 more exams to go. Woo!!!

June 02, 2005

The University of Warwick website

Maybe I'm missing something major, but Ii find it really hard to find simple information. It took me 10 minutes to find out how much my assignments counted towards my final mark in one of my courses. Grrr.

Was putting 5 of my exams within 6 days really absolutely necessary? My brain might explode soon…

Today is a Good Day

I had an exam this morning, which went well, for a change. I'm pretty sure I did well. I was a little miffed that I hadn't spotted something which meant I couldn't do one part, but its ok. As I walked past Viva they had Madness on and they've just cut the grass over here, so it smells all… cut grassy.

Yep, I'm in a good mood. Happy and motivated. Well its back to the grind. 3D Geometry and Motion to study for. Are we allowed calculators, I wonder…

May 28, 2005

Almost too convenient…

I went to the post office to collect a parcel which I thought to be some juggling balls I'd ordered off eBay… It turned out to be a parcel from mum. The amazing thing was that mum had sent me juggling balls!!! How cool is that!? So I will soon have a proper collection of juggling balls. Its a great thing to do when I take a break from studying. Its relaxing. My juggling has improved hugely since the exam season started…

May 27, 2005

Thing that annoy me II: This time its personal

Follow-up to Things that annoy me. from Cookie cookie cookie, cookie starts with C

TV shows about "The top X Ys ever"
where X {N}, Y {things}

"" that symbol looks a bit like "belongs to" and those brackets mean "the set of" and "N" is numbers 1,2,3… etc. for all you non-maths people.

Barclays Bank.

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