December 02, 2012

The Fire Alarm Concert

*TeeeOOnnn TeeeOOOnn*

I will never forget this sound my whole life. I remember when the fire alarm first went out, I thought it was the kitchen sink finally protesting about the amount of food we put down its throat. I went and put my ear near the sink, but it wasn't the source. I put my ear near the fridge, It seemed fine. Then where the hell on this earth was this dreadful noise coming from? It seemed like the noise of a hundred protesting cats would make when their woollen balls were snatched away from them. I had to get away from it. Fast.

"I had to run from"

Upon reaching the corridor , the noise level went up as I realised what it was. The innocent white machine that hung lifelessly on the wall became a monster whose only mission was to rip your ears apart till you ran away from it. It was a fire alarm.

It was the first fire alarm in the first week of term and thereafter it has happened every week. It seemed like a bunch of people go like, "Hey, I'm bored , Lets start the alarm." or " Hey, I missed out on a concert this week, let's make up for it..." The one incident that created a sense of rage in the heart of every Claycroft resident was when the alarm went off at 4.58am (yes not even 5am :'( ) one morning. Oh! the agony! First I couldn't believe that it was happening so early in the morning. At first it seemed like the hot guy who was in my dream finally came to know I was stalking him and was screeching like a fire alarm.

The hot guy screeched like a fire alarm

I woke up all groggy and lay in bed for a minute fighting my instincts to go or not. It took every ounce of strength to get up from my warm, cosy and snugly bed and walk towards the door in my jammies and slippers.

My flatmate knocked on my door and with big-big eyes asked me, "Is this really happening?". Poor creature, she arrived only a day before. It was her first alarm. I said with a frowning face and a sarcastic smile," Welcome to Claycroft!"

For anyone who wants to hear what it is like:

P.S- Multiply the volume by a 100!

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