April 27, 2012

KBAM 8 – presentation

What I learn on myself, making and doing the presentation:

- I will never be able to communicate slowly

- Stress is contagious !

- I can be impatient and have some difficulties to explain diplomatically things to other ...

- pretty good at picking what would make a good presentation (but unable to convince people that is the right thing to do)

  • Make realistic plans
  • avoid too many details > people get lost
  • Probably do/mention less but better structured, instead of mentioning too many things with no structure
  • Make a straight forward presentation

- specific knowledge must be explained - if not, pointless

One thing that I liked was reviewing some things such as the portfolio or the final presentation (that my team and I did). It is at that specific moment that I realize how unperfect things are. This is the reason why I think it is important to step back from our own work for a bit to better assess it afterwards.

Regarding the writing skills, I confirmed that:

- Long sentences are hard to understand. Always write short and consice sentences

- Always use the active form (and not the passive one) - this makes feel the reader that the person suffers from something or go backwards

- We tend to mention things without saying why > we end up with sentences that don't bring anything valuable apart from 10 more (useless) words

- too many details provoke confusion

>> these are small facts but do make a huge difference for the reader - for him to understand the message ...

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