June 05, 2012

KBAM 16 – Types of documents ….

Another way to document knowledge is to use schema, graphs, table, or anything apart from proper text-based documents. We read everywhere that "document, store and disseminate" are part of the KM system. Often, people link "document" to text-based documents.

However, I believe the way knowledge is documented and/or stored encourages or discourages people from using it. Reading load of documents to "re-use" knowledge is just tedious . This is why, as part of a knowledge management, we should think more in terms of "how do we document", rather than "we need to document". A company has to find an easy way to transfer/disseminate knowledge.

Schema and graphs, tables normally give a very good overview. It makes the information clear to understand, easy to update, and people are more likely to use it for further work.

As students and future employees, we should take this into account and not forget to express our ideas in a efficient and easy way. The concept of Knowledge Management in itself is complex enough, but small things can have big impacts.

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