May 06, 2012

KBAM 12 – KM and security

Another aspect of the PMA ... Knowledge Management.

Through this year and the modules, I have learned what KM is, along with the main steps (e.g. creation, lessons learned, storage, dissemination, etc). In this PMA, I tried to integrate KM to the Asset Management I had chosen. However, it seems logical for me to start deploying a KM plan, before anything else, as a way of life. Therefore, I wanted to implement a KM strategy to the company and then develop a strategic planning on security.

However, for WaveRiders, implementing KM within the organisation is more than a challenge. I understand how WaveRiders creates or expand "new" knowledge from now one. But what about the "old knowledge" and everything the company has been working on for years (when it was not using any KM). Should a company start looking at it again and try to take out some "lessons learned" ? Or it is too late ?

KM facilitates the creation and organisation of knowledge, which will contribute to the development of competitive advantages. However, I realized in the journals and articles that security is not often part of the KM process. Working on both aspects in my PMA, I trust the development and anlysis of knowledge is essential, but knowledge that is not secured is not really valuable, or at least not for long.

Working on this PMA and having done all these modules, I know find new links that were not obivous a few months earlier.

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