May 03, 2012

KBAM 11 – WaveRiders & EFQM

How to realistically apply the EFQM model ?

Looking for a solution for WaveRiders, I've chosen to start with a step-by-step approach. I also chose to start improving the organisation by focusing on the security aspect.

Doing so, I am learning how to implement the EFQM model. I also understand the way it works. To me, it seems that the implementation of this framework is done thanks to a combination of knowledge. I guess the order of the enablers we want to improve first doesn't matter. I now understand the fact that focusing on a particular area is enough to start building an excellent and sustainable business.

Indeed, all the enablers are interrelated. Thus, when we start improving one of them, there are many little things that we unintentionally improve in other enablers. Step-by-step, we therefore develop enough knowledge to make the business more and more efficient.

It is like making a cake. We add one ingredient, then a second one. It often doesn't look really good. Then another ingredient and so on. After a while, we finally get a good substance, or material, to do the final step: bake it. It seems an organisation works similarly. It needs many elements to get a good structure and some time to create it. Then, it become easier and easier to manipulate it as we wish.

This knowledge will certainly be helpful in any professional environment in terms of organisation. Understanding the way a business work and what it needs go towards excellence is essential. Moreover, it allows someone contributing efficiently from day one to the work and strategy of an organisation. Finally, it helps to give ouselves some directions in our daily work to be immediately efficient.

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