May 01, 2012

KBAM 10 – Internet and Security

These past few days, I've had a look at what means security for an organisation.

I found that Security represents one of the most important assets of a company, and remains indispensable.

Most of the companies store information online. Moreover, some companies are Internet-based, which means 90% of their concept is stored somewhere on the web. For these companies, security becomes a sine-qua-none condition for them to develop new ideas & further work.

For "regular" companies, room is given to tangible assets and when documents, reports, data, information, knowledge can be stored virtually, a company often go for this option.

Unlike other assets that can more or less be developed, security can't be neglected. Everything does impact on an organisation and its performance. However, not performing enough in the environmental aspect is not going to make the company go bankrupt. However, if a competitor can gain access to another company's information and highly confidential documents, this could be very harmful and have big repercussions on the business.

Having read all this documents, I better understand the importance of security for a company but also the reasons why any company shall pay attention to it. This is important in a professional but also in a personnel environment. Internet and virtual network are part of our daily activities and we should all pay attention to what we do, and what we store on it. The consequences of a lack of vigilance may appear in a short or long-term perspective, when less expected. Then, in the future, I will probably pay more attention to these details in order to avoid bad surprises.

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