June 05, 2012

KBAM 15 – efficient KM

We've read many different things about KM and according to other people's blog, there are many ways of implementing KM, but nothing really efficient. We talk about KM, explicit and tacit knowledge. Transforming tacit knowledge into an explicit one to make it usable. However, KM isn't it a tacit knowledge in itself ?

Apparently, no one really knows how to apply it and it seems that companies apply it with no big convictions. So far, I haven't seen a lot of practical implementation apart from things such as:

- whilst creating information, make sure you put a name on it, a subject, the name of the company, the date, the level of confidentiality, etc

- Create a database to organise all this knowledge

- Transform tacit knowledge into explict knowledge

- (...)

Another and easier way for a company might be to passed tacit knowledge on to other people working in the same department/area. By doing this regularly, the company would ensure the knowledge is shared but also decreases the risk of someone leaving with it. This would mean develop knowledge without necessarily going through the step "transformation into explicit knowledge".

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