June 05, 2012

KBAM 14 – Being a consultant …

This PMA gives me the opportunity to be in the shoes of a consultant, which I find really interesting since I'd like to start my career as a consultant.

First, I had no clue on how a consultant writes a report for a company. I have developed my knowledge by looking at some reports on the Internet, the way it was structured and what was the main elements. I still have no experience in this field but trying to optimize WaveRiders' organisation is a great way to learn and I enjoy it a lot !

However, I encountered some difficulties in terms of costs and timing when doing the strategic planning. I wasn't sure how much a company (WaveRiders) normally spends when it hires a consulting company. I also found quite hard to realistically evaluate how long a simple change (i.e. create a policy, recruit someone, etc) might take. And this information is essential to schedule everything and be able to give a good overview to its customers.

Then, I realized that every single change that the consulting company recommends needs to be adapted to the daily activites of WaveRiders. Timing is critical and both companies need to reach a compromise.

Finally, does a consulting company give recommendations as a starting point along with some training to make sure the company(client) will be able to implement the changes. Or does it do everything with its own team, and just make sure the client understands to do it by itself later on ?

This report made me wonder many important questions. I find it very healthy because it confirms my will to work as a consultant. I am now better conscious of the work it requires, and how interesting it can be to always work on different projects.

Finally, I like the idea that this PMA and all this research will help me soon for all my interviews with consulting companies. It will provide me a better understanding to characterise this job and its challenges.

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