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April 24, 2012

KBAM 6 – Situation Awareness

I liked this lecture/team work because this is the typical kind of things that we know but never pay attention to ..

I found it interesting the "justification bias" mentioned in the situation awareness error. Indeed, this bias typically shows that:

  • sometimes, people gather proper information
  • sometimes they just gather what they want/expect to gather

This made me think about the PMAs and the Literature Review. When I look for information, I realise that I often and quickly find in books/journals the information I need or want to find even if it is not really the case. Sometime, I just read something and find a (more or less accurate) interpretation that matches with what I was looking for.

I am not too sure how to avoid this bias. I guess this is much less apparent when we just read for our own culture (scientific magasines, books, etc), without any goals. Because we do not expect anything and are not looking for any specific information. As a matter of fact, we probably don't look for any justification.

After all, isn't it why people always say to search for different sources and point of view ? I believe that people interpret any thing as they want but at some point, a part of truth must be part of their interpretation.


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