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April 21, 2012


The notion of Continuous Improvement is everywhere !

Today, I had a closer look at "maintenance" ... I must admit the subject is broad enough to spend ages on it. However, the subject is interesting and looking back at my internships and companies I worked for ... I am not sure I often heard something about "maintenance", and my question is: Do companies really "care" about it ?

I understood the importance of maintenance going through a few articles and journals. However, it appeared quite complicated to implement because it requires a lot of information as well as measurements.

That's why I came to the conclusion of "What come first ? The knowledge". That's the most critical element before starting implementing anything. But I realize that it is a big problem in most of the companies. The knowledge is used but then, rarely documented, stored or disseminated... welcome to KM world.

I guess the first change that must always be made within a company is the efficient application of knowledge management. It appears to me the most relevant starting point. I am encountering this difficulty in the company I am currently working for, and realize that with no information/data/knowledge, we can unfortunately don't do much. Or what we can achieve is insignificant compared to what we could realistically achieve with proper information.

Through the presentations we have to do, we always have the case of a company where "nothing" goes well. And we need to implement many things but we never start with the most important ones that could be a huge support for further changes.

Hence, I wonder ... Is there a logic somewhere ?


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