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June 06, 2012

KBAM 18 – Where to start ?

One thing I have noticed in most of our presentation, people set up wonderful plans, which is true, are really well done.

But what about costs and time ? Realistically, can we implement all these changes ?

Some plans would cost millions to implement. In the culture of excellence, we're supposed to focus on the customer needs and create/design plans accordingly to their financial capacities/requirements. Therefore, we should first see how much time we've got - taking into account their own business, their activities and any other types of commitment - and also have a look at their budget.

I assume not every company can afford to spend millions to re organized some aspects of the company. Hence, I firmly believe consultants should find creative and innovative solutions, based upon the constraints imposed by the clients, which makes the work even harder and challenging.

KBAM 17 – Learning progress …

The Management of knowledge is really hard. However, it remains the most important things (along with people) to create excellence organisations.

Through this module, I have developed my understanding in terms of creating value for company and giving practical recommendations. I had something else in mind when I had heard many companies saying "we need something concrete". Often, people/student don't go enough into details and don't provide enough information. Consequently, we stay superficial in the way we approach a problem and miss important aspects.

I guess an organisation makes its clients happy by communicating to them proper ideas, real figures and proofs that the results expected can't be different than the one obtained.

Doing this PMA, I tried to put myself in the shoes of the customer that will read the report. I asked myself "do they have enough information to understand what we intend to do?"

From that point, I also realise that it would be highly beneficial to have a team and share these ideas, to build something all together. Doing so, we could have made sure we had provided a work of quality, having thought of every possible aspect of the problem.

I now this was just a "PMA" but I found it really consistent in terms of research, strategy, structure and client-focus.

Thanks Paul !


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