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June 03, 2012

KBAM 13 – Access to information

I have recommended a strategic planning to WaveRiders. As part of the Knowledge Management plan, I recommended the company to classify the information it has according to 3 different levels (e.g. secured, confidential, highly confidential). What I mean by "classify" is to decide who shall get access to what type of information.

Thinking of Coca-Cola for instanse, the company must have highly confidential information (e.g. the recipie of the drink) that remains accessible to a very few persons within the organisation.

As a result, I changed my perception of "efficient communication" by adding this element. Before, "efficient communication" was to make sure everyone has the information he/she needs by sharing everything, etc. However, to a certain extend, sharing and providing a lot of information may drown people into it. By efficient communication, I guess there is also a part of "control".

I trust the hardest part is to find the balance to provide enough, useful and usable information. I had never thought about all that before but we actually create a lot more information than we think.

I'd like to add a new perspective to "efficient communication" called "the control of the information".


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